How To Never Lose Your Luggage AgainWhile fewer bags are being lost by the airlines these days, people are still stealing them! Which is why Air France and KLM have spent the last year developing two gadgets that help prevent luggage from being lifted.
Woods Hole Researchers Ready To Help Find Missing Malaysian Jet Researchers from Woods Hole helped find the wreckage of an Air France jet two years after it crashed.
Jumbo Jet Clips Boston Plane At JFK AirportA wing of the world's biggest commercial passenger jet clipped the tail of a plane from Boston at John F. Kennedy Airport Monday night.
Boston Plane Gets Clipped At JFKThe world's biggest commercial passenger jet has clipped the tail of another plane while taxiing out to depart New York City's John F. Kennedy International Airport.
Mass. Team Finds Pieces Of Crashed Air France Plane In AtlanticAn underwater search team led by a Massachusetts firm has located pieces of an Air France plane that crashed in the Atlantic in 2009, French investigators said Sunday, offering a surprising new glimmer of hope in the protracted hunt for clues to what happened.
Cape Cod Team Again Searching For Downed Plane Off BrazilOcean researchers on Cape Cod are again teaming with the French in a fourth search for an airliner downed in the sea during a 2009 storm.
Looking At The Law: Air FranceWBZ's Neil Chayet talks about a case against Air France after a tragic airline accident.
'Curious' Why Black Boxes Don't Have FloatationThe difficult search for the Air France plane's black box raised a question on WBZ's curiosity page. Nancy from Andover asked: "Why do airplanes'...