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An Epidemic: Top 10 Outbreaks In U.S. History

Throughout the years, epidemics and plagues have shaken up societies and cultures around the world.


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The Ebola Outbreak: What Every American Needs To Know

The recent outbreak of the Ebola virus in Africa has begun attracting attention in the U.S. for good reason.



The World’s Biggest Ship Graveyard

Nouadhibou is an African sea town, whose shores serve as the final resting place for more than 300 ships. The rusted hulks that litter its coastal waters are considered an eyesore by many (go figure), but they’ve brought some unexpected benefits to the local community as well.


Kenney Family

Bittersweet July 4th For Husband And Wife In Tanglewood Festival Chorus

Thom and Carrie Kenney are members of the renowned Tanglewood Festival Chorus. Thom is missing this year’s performance due to an upcoming deployment.


Kony 2012 posters and bracelet.

Donating To Kony 2012: Where Does The Money Go?

The California non-profit, Invisible Children, is behind the film that’s gone viral. Not all of the money that is donated to the group goes to help the people of Uganda.


The Hippo-Roller helps make the transportation of water easier.

Simple Inventions Help To Change The World

Some simple and remarkable inventions are helping to change the way people live in remote parts of the world.