Wednesday's Child: 13-Year-Old AshtonAshton is a fun-loving 13-year-old with a huge personality. Chris McKinnon took him to Dave & Busters to get to know him better.
Wednesday's Child: 5-Year-Old MichaelMichael is a smart, friendly and happy boy who is always laughing.
Wednesday's Child: 11-Year-Old DeniolDeniol makes friends easily and his favorite activity is playing sports, especially basketball and soccer.
Wednesday's Child: 10-Year-Old IzaqThose who meet Izaq immediately notice how funny, warm and engaging he is. He talks often about his desire to find a family who will love him.
Wednesday's Child: 1-Year-Old DouglasDouglas is very curious and he loves looking around at all of his surroundings. He also likes bouncing around and being held.
Wednesday's Child: 11-Year-Old AleenahAleenah is a child who is easily entertained but particularly enjoys activities such as bowling, roller skating and going to the movies.
Wednesday's Child: Brothers Henry And RobertHenry, 10, and Robert, 11, are both very outgoing and make friends easily. They enjoy being active, whether they are playing outside or engaging in sports.
Wednesday's Child: 14-Year-Old DevinThose who know Devin well would say he is a very respectful young man who has great manners and likes to please others.
Wednesday's Child: 13-Year-Old IsabellaIsabella loves to bake, so Lisa Hughes took her to The KITCHEN at the Boston Public Market, where they made a delicious apple shortcake, and got to know each other.
Wednesday's Child: 12-Year-Old KileyKiley is great at being honest, being a kind friend and showing people she cares about them.
Wednesday's Child: Siblings Eli, Eliza and EmeraldThese siblings have a lot of energy, and want to be adopted together.
Wednesday's Child: 12-Year-Old ShaneShane is active and enjoys being outdoors, exploring and going on new adventures.