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Keller @ Large: Sometimes Best Moves Are The Ones Not MadeBut again, sometimes the best moves are the ones you don’t make. Those are the moments when you show your class by saying – I’ll take a pass.
Just Line 'Em Up.......I'm In A Bad Mood Today...... Please tell me the debates among Republican candidates for President are almost done. With a little luck, Mitt Romney is going to clean house in South Carolina and end most of the bickering, because this party has got to get back to it's root cause.......find a way to make BHO a one-term President. I believe it can and will be done.
NightSide - Carole Simpson, Author Of "NewsLady" Joins Dan ReaCarole Simpson Joins NightSide Nation.
Obama tries to energize voters ahead of elections
Obama to hit four states in campaign swing