Black Smoke, No Pope Yet As Cardinals Begin Voting At VaticanThe first vote was held around 2:40 p.m. Boston time and black smoke emerged from the Sistine Chapel chimney at the Vatican, signalling no pope has been chosen yet.
Papal Conclave: Cardinal Sean O'Malley Still Among Front-RunnersVatican officials say it is possible the cardinals may decide not to vote Tuesday, but if they do, it would be late in the day.
Reporting From Rome: O’Malley Makes Last Public Appearance Before ConclaveIf Roman waiters and cab drivers are any indication, Cardinal Sean has the popular vote.
Reporting From Rome: O'Malley Speculation Rampant Among MediaIn the absence of information, there is rampant speculation. One Italian newspaper polled its writers -- asking them to guess which Cardinals are now the leading candidates to become the next pope.