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Brinson: NFL, A Billion-Dollar Business, Needs Full-Time RefereesThe Patriots beat the Bills on Monday night, but after what was mostly an ugly affair, the poor job done by the officials quickly became the major national story line.
Esiason: Would Kubiak And Elway 'Have The Stones' To Keep Manning On The Bench?"It really would be interesting if Osweiler continues to play the way that he did yesterday over the next two or three weeks."
Lifelong Teammate: Tom Brady Wrote Foreword For Troy Brown's Book During DeflateGate Hysteria"You know Tom, he stepped up and did it, man, and he wrote some great stuff. He wrote it from his heart, some heartfelt words in there almost drove me to tears."
Troy Brown Shares Not-So-Fond Memories Of Michael Felger In Patriots Locker Room"They wanted to fight him, man. Oh my gosh, it was bad with him."
Ainge: 1985-86 Celtics The Greatest Team Of All-TimeCeltics president of basketball operations joined Toucher & Rich on Thursday, and while he was unable to comment on some speculation around the team, he gave his thoughts on who is the best team of all-time.
Brinson: Something 'Stinks' About Colts' Reporting Of Andrew Luck InjuryNobody knows exactly what is going on with the Colts and their injury reports, but everyone can agree that something's amiss.
Toucher & Rich Explore How The Patriots Are Winning Coin Flips At 'Impossible' RateToucher & Rich weren't afraid to throw out some explanations as to why the Patriots can seemingly control coin flips.
Katie Nolan On Toucher & Rich: The NFL's 'Dumb' Policies On Uniform Violations & Domestic ViolenceFOX Sports 1's Katie Nolan joined Toucher & Rich Thursday morning to discuss hot-button topics, including the NFL's "dumb" policies on uniform violations and domestic violence awareness.
Ainge On T&R: Celtics 'Can Beat Anybody On Any Given Night'Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge joined Toucher & Rich on Thursday morning, and he offered some cautious optimism for the 2015-16 season.
T&R: Ray Lewis Seemingly Advocates For More Helmet-To-Helmet Hits"And they're kicking babies out of games. But a referee makes a mistake and they never are punished."
Brinson: Would Jim Harbaugh Leave Michigan To Coach Andrew Luck's Colts?"If Irsay calls Jim Harbaugh, then Jim Harbaugh is not not answering that call. Even if it's to parlay a raise from Michigan, he's taking the call."
Boomer Esiason On Colts' Trick Play: 'One Of The Dumbest Things I've Ever Seen'"Right there, that had to be one of the dumbest things I've ever seen."
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