Kalman: Bruins' First Line Producing, Leaving Matthews At Loss For WordsThe Bruins’ first line of Brad Marchand, Patrice Bergeron and David Pastrnak has reduced Auston Matthews to a score-less pedestrian player on the ice.
So ... What Was Brad Marchand Doing To Leo Komarov's Neck?Everybody knows what comes around once the Stanley Cup Playoffs begin: incredible goals, big hits, flashy saves, and ... neck licks?
Brad Marchand Fined, Not Suspended, For Cross-Checking Andrew MacDonaldBrad Marchand has once again been disciplined by the NHL's department of player safety. But this time, he avoided suspension.
Kalman: No Legitimate Reasons To Keep Bruins’ Marchand Out Of Hart ConversationWith most of the U.S. living through its annual case of March Madness, glued to the NCAA men’s basketball tournament over the weekend, Bruins forward Brad Marchand paid tribute to the hoops hysteria Sunday. Marchand beat the Minnesota Wild with a slam dunk.
Brad Marchand Fined For Embellishment Against PenguinsThe NHL wants Brad Marchand to know that he's being watched.
Hurley: The Boston Bruins Are RidiculousThe Bruins haven't so much as hit a speed bump since losing some of their very best players.
Brad Marchand's Discipline Vs. Red Wings Equally As Impressive As His Hat TrickAt 29 years old, Brad Marchand isn’t as easy a mark as might’ve been in his younger days
Brad Marchand Nets Another OT Winner, Tallies Third Career Hat TrickBrad Marchand simply refuses to let the Bruins lose these days.
How Bruins’ Marchand Can Change His Reputation, Avoid Future SuspensionsBrad Marchand doesn’t get suspensions because he has a reputation for reckless behavior; he crosses the line and injures opponents, and that earns his suspensions.
Kalman: Hits Like Brad Marchand’s Head Shot Have To StopRegardless of what Brad Marchand was trying to do, there’s no excuse for nailing an opponent in the head.
Brad Marchand Suspended 5 Games For Elbowing Marcus JohanssonThe Bruins will be without forward Brad Marchand for the next five games.
Brad Marchand Faces NHL Disciplinary Hearing For Elbowing Marcus Johansson In HeadThe NHL will be talking to Brad Marchand about another potentially dirty hit.