Boston Marathon Forecast: Absolutely Terrific WeatherAn absolutely terrific forecast for Marathon Monday, whether you're running or spectating it doesn't get much better than this.
Boston Marathon Forecast: Looking Ideal For Race DayThe news couldn’t be much better!  The weather forecast remains unchanged for Marathon Monday.  Why mess with perfection! 
Boston Marathon Forecast: Terrific Day For Runners And SpectatorsThe weather forecast remains unchanged for Marathon Monday. Why mess with perfection!
Boston Marathon Forecast: Can't Ask For Much Better WeatherIf you’re going to run 26.2 miles, you can’t ask for much better weather than this!
Boston Marathon Forecast: Ideal Conditions Now PossibleThis year’s conditions may very well end up be near ideal for runners.
Boston Marathon Forecast: Cautiously OptimisticCautiously optimistic. That is how I would describe our forecast for Marathon Monday at this point.
Boston Marathon Forecast: Rain PossibleAs with every weather story in New England, there is typically some good news and bad news. And while it is still early, it appears this will be the case for Marathon Monday.
Boston Marathon Long-Range Forecast: Low Likelihood For Hot DayWeather-stalking Marathon Monday's forecast already? Here's a look at the long-range forecast.