Sharks, like this one spotted off the Cape last summer, have reportedly been seen off the Cape in recent weeks.

Great White Sharks Recently Spotted Off Chatham, Truro

Sharks are back on Cape Cod, and it feels like this is becoming a summer trend.


(Credit: Truro Vineyards)

Guide To Boston-Area Vineyards And Wineries

The Massachusetts coast provides a perfect climate for grape-growing, allowing the area to give birth to a number of vineyards and wineries. Heck, it’s the reason Martha’s Vineyard got its name.

CBS Boston–05/17/2011


EPA Considers Ban On Dumping Boat Sewage Off Cape Cod

The Environmental Protection Agency is considering a proposal to ban discharging boat sewage in the coastal waters of six Cape Cod towns.


(credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Court Denies Appeal In Fashion Writer Death

The highest court in Massachusetts has rejected a new trial for a trash collector convicted of raping and murdering a Cape Cod fashion writer in 2002.


Great white sighting off outer Cape confirmed

State officials have confirmed that a shark spotted in the waters off Truro and Provincetown over the weekend was a great white.