The Jordan Rich Show

This show features a smorgasbord of guests and topics ranging from the arts, history, and health to pop culture, sports and issues of the heart and soul. Jordan has interviewed hundreds of best selling authors, international film and TV stars, musicians, entertainers, leading health care practitioners and local celebrities. Most of all though, he loves connecting with his family of listeners and callers from around the nation.

Many Moves

Moving is tough on everything AND everyone.


Reading— Best Offense

Best prep for the coming presidential run in 2016? Read up on the candidates!


Hello Love!

Who still believes in the notion of love at first sight?



Chinese “What A” Torture

English is a language fraught with bendable rules with enough antonyms, homonyms and synonyms to keep an enthusiastic punster fueled for a lifetime.


Awards, Speech

Way to Go, Michael

In a land where “V” stands for vapid much of the time, Hollywood was the scene of some honesty and sincerity recently.


Additional Thanks

Now that the weather outside is more conducive to staying inside, it feels right to settle down in front of the keyboard to share some thoughts.


Microorganisms, Biology, Ice, Scientists, Discovery

One Fascinating World

A team of diligent scientists drilling a half mile through Antarctic ice has made a remarkable discovery.


hospital, tubes, incubator

A Significant Start To My Day

The morning ritual. For most it includes tending to teeth, gums, hair, calisthenics, deep breathing, grinding coffee beans, whipping up smoothies or walking the canine. But another more meaningful ritual occurred a few mornings ago….


Shopping, Gifts, Mall, Purchases


At the outset, I confess that I have NEVER been nor shall I likely EVER become a connoisseur of one of America’s favorite pastimes—shopping.


Salute, Red, White, and Blue


So often we are jarred into place and forced to reflect on life and just how rough it can be.


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