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Paying For College: The Hidden Costs

Colleges post the cost of tuition, room and board and the miscellaneous fees but these are not the only expenses you will need to plan for.


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Paying For College: Who Should Pay For College?

Who should pay for college? I wish I had a definitive answer!


Paying For College: Financial Aid

The first step in finding financial aid is to get the FAFSA form done. This Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is required for students seeking need based financial aid, which includes grants and loans.


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Paying For College: Financial Aid Forms (FAFSA)

In the past we have done this series in January because folks were just beginning to fill out the dreaded financial aid (FAFSA) forms, but this year they have been available since October first for parents to fill out.


Fraud Protection: Debt Collection

Debt collection complaints are about 1/3 of the complaints filed with the Federal Trade Commission.


Fraud Protection: New Medicare Cards

Almost everyone over 65 has Medicare as their primary insurance. And your Medicare card uses your Social Security number for identification. This makes it so easy to steal an identity of a retiree.


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Fraud Protection: Dealing With Scammer On The Phone

The Federal Trade Commission has some guidelines when dealing with a possible scammer on the phone.


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Fraud Protection: Scammers On The Phone

Scammers will say anything to cheat people out of money. And every year millions lose money to scams, from a few dollars to their life savings.


Fraud Protection: Seniors Are More Vulnerable

According to The 2017 Identity Fraud Study, released by Javelin Strategy & Research, nearly $16 billion was stolen from over 15 million consumers last year. Fraud is on the increase with 200 million more victims reported last year.


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National Retirement Security Week: No Plans At Work

Listeners have told me they’re not worried about retirement savings because they’ll have their Social Security benefit, but Social Security was never intended to be your only source of income in retirement!