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Holiday Gifting: A Tight Budget

Christmas can happen even on a tight budget. If you don’t have much money to spend then you will need to spend your time.


Holiday Gifting: How To Save

Can you really save on Christmas spending? Start by eliminating some folks from your list.


Holiday Gifting: The Nice List

I am always surprised at how many folks are already done with their Christmas shopping. So this is for the rest of us.


Holiday Gifting: Budgeting

It always surprises me when I first see the Christmas displays in October. I think they come out earlier each year.


Estate Planning

Everyone Needs A Financial Plan: Step 5 – Protecting People & Assets

Step 5 is the CYA part of your financial plan. Cover Your Assets!


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Everyone Needs A Financial Plan: Step 4 – Managing Life’s Obstacles

Life is full of obstacles to your financial success, but having a financial plan, proper insurance, and some savings for an emergency will help you manage anything that life throws at you.


Everyone Needs A Financial Plan: Step 3 – Saving & Investing

Step 3 of your financial plan is saving and investing to reach your goals.


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Everyone Needs A Financial Plan: Step 2 – What Have You Got?

You will need to generate a net worth statement to figure out what you got and then do a cash flow to figure how and where you are spending your money.


Everyone Needs A Financial Plan: Step 1 – Setting Goals

According to a survey, 71% of Americans expressed regrets about their ability to manage money.


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Paying For College: 529 Plans

College is expensive. And many wonder if it is worth the cost.