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Mutual Funds: Your Statement

Mutual fund companies send out annual statements the end of January. In addition, you should have received your 4th quarter report for 2016.

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Mutual Funds: When To Sell

So when do you sell your mutual fund? The number one reason to sell is when your goals or objectives are met and you need the dollars to pay for the goal.

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Mutual Funds: Benchmarks

A benchmark is a standard used for comparison. You will want to learn how to compare your mutual fund to a benchmark so you can tell how well your fund is doing.

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Mutual Funds: Which Fund Is Right For You?

There are over 9,000 mutual funds & ETFs in the U.S. to choose from and you will need a disciplined process to whittle down the number to something that is manageable.

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Mutual Funds: Most Of Us Have A Portfolio

Almost every goal we have as a grownup has a financial component to it. A comfortable retirement or a college education for the kiddo requires investment in the stock market.

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Questions From Listeners: Where Can I Find A Good Financial Planner?

Begin by asking your friends, work associates and relatives if they use a financial planner. Move on to asking other professional advisors such as your attorney, accountant, or tax preparer.

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Questions From Listeners: We’re Having A Baby! What Should Financial Goals Be?

Expecting a baby makes people view the world differently. The transition from couple to family requires a fresh assessment of all aspects of your life.

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Questions From Listeners: How Much To Withdraw From IRA When I Retire?

You are required by law to start minimum distributions by April 1 of the year after you turn 70½ but you may need to take your second distribution that year also.

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Questions From Listeners: Should I Invest In Roth IRA Or Traditional?

Are you maximizing out your retirement plan at work such as your 401(k)? Money should go here first, especially if the company matches your contribution.

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Questions From Listeners

I thought we could spend this week answering questions from listeners. The questions are composites of the many questions we get here at WBZ radio.

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