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Ask Eric: Why Aren’t The Earliest Sunsets On The Solstice?

Sunsets have been getting later well before the Winter Solstice. Why does this happen before the ‘shortest day of the year’?


Ask Eric: What Created This Colorful Show Over Boston?

Many looked up and saw a strange sight in the sky over the Boston area. What causes these bright colors without any rain around?


Ask Eric: Why Are Winter Skies Clearer For Star Gazing?

Find Eric Fisher on Twitter and Facebook Waxing crescent at highland lighthouse…. — Megan O'Leary (@MegOLeary) January 11, 2016 Hi Eric – As I gazed up at the moon and adjacent planet on the coldest night we recently had, I wondered why it is that on the coldest nights, the sky seems to be […]


Ask Eric: Are Winters Getting Warmer?

Does it seem like winters are getting warmer? One viewer believes that may be the case, so here we take a closer look at the trends.


Ask Eric: It’s Raining Out, So Why Doesn’t Radar Show It?

It’s raining at my house, but every time I check the radar nothing shows up. What gives?


Ask Eric: Has It Been A Quiet Hurricane Season?

We haven’t been talking about the tropics a lot so far this year. But is it unusual to be quiet through mid-August? We take a closer look.


Ask Eric: Why Does Humid Air Melt Snow Faster?

Hey Eric! Need an ‘Eric Explainer’ on dew points and snow melt, please! What’s the correlation between the two?  – Claire Brill   Good question, Claire! A lot of times you’ll hear meteorologists refer to good ‘snow eating’ weather or high dew points chewing away at the snow pack. But why would a simple rise […]


Ask Eric: Is There Such A Thing As A ‘Snowbow’?

Hi Eric! We’ve been kicking this around the office but can’t find anything definitive online so I’m asking an expert. It’s been snowing all morning here in Worcester and now the sun is peeking through. Is there such a thing as a snowbow?? – Christine Desrosiers Hey there Christine – few things get as much […]


Ask Eric: Where and How Does Severe Cold Develop?

Now, what I want to know is where and how does this kind of intense cold develop before it starts to move south? It has to come from somewhere!!  A strong low on the part of the earth tilted away from the sun? – John Day, Foxboro, MA   It’s January. It’s cold. People who […]


Ask Eric: Does Wind Chill Affect Plants?

We all feel the wind chill, but does it have any impact on plants? – Mike Lill   Good question Mike, as there are many gardeners out there who surely wonder if those subzero numbers are laying a beating on their landscape. We’ve certainly seen our share of wind chill maps lately, and we’ve all […]