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2015 Ask Eric

Ask Eric: Why Does Humid Air Melt Snow Faster?

Hey Eric! Need an ‘Eric Explainer’ on dew points and snow melt, please! What’s the correlation between the two?  – Claire Brill   Good question, Claire! A lot of times you’ll hear meteorologists refer to […]


Double Rainbow

Ask Eric: Is There Such A Thing As A ‘Snowbow’?

Hi Eric! We’ve been kicking this around the office but can’t find anything definitive online so I’m asking an expert. It’s been snowing all morning here in Worcester and now the sun is peeking through. […]



Ask Eric: Where and How Does Severe Cold Develop?

Now, what I want to know is where and how does this kind of intense cold develop before it starts to move south? It has to come from somewhere!!  A strong low on the part […]



Ask Eric: Does Wind Chill Affect Plants?

We all feel the wind chill, but does it have any impact on plants? – Mike Lill   Good question Mike, as there are many gardeners out there who surely wonder if those subzero numbers […]


(Photo credit: PETER MUHLY/AFP/Getty Images)

Ask Eric: Where Is The Wind Blowing From, Anyway?!

Eric, We are happy you recently joined the WBZ weather team. Welcome! I have a question concerning the wind.  I believe an off-shore wind heads in the off-shore direction.  Conversely, an on-shore wind heads on-shore. […]


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Ask Eric: When Should I Take My Vacation

Hi, I have an option of taking one of the next two weeks off. Either the week of 10/7 or week of 10/14. Do you have a long term (14 day) forecast I can use […]



Ask Eric: Why The Quiet Tropics, And Will They Pick Up?

Why has the hurricane season been less active so far and do you expect things to pick up before the season is out? – Sean A question many are asking this year Sean! On one […]


(Photo credit:  FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images)

Ask Eric: Are Temperatures Predicted For Sun Or Shade?

Are forecast or posted temperatures for what has occurred or is predicted to occur in the sun or in the shade? What is usually the difference between the two? Gina in Sterling   Gina – […]


#20. Block Island, Rhode Island

Ask Eric: Do Tides Affect Sea Breezes?

A week ago I arrived at Salisbury Beach at 11AM on a cloudless day and was surprised there was no sea breeze.  High tide was scheduled for 12:13 that day.  By 12:30 the sea breeze […]



Ask Eric: Why Isn’t There Equal Day & Night On The Equinox?

Hi Eric, I saw on your report this evening that today daylight was 12 hours 6 minutes. But since we’re already past autumnal equinox, shouldn’t daylight be less than 12 hours? It seems odd. I […]