• Inside The Celtics New Auerbach CenterThe Celtics opened their new practice facility, named after Red Auerbach, on June 19, 2018.
  1. brat says:

    Enough already with the guys hair! Maybe Gisselle like to run her toes through his hair. Whew. Time for a cold shower

  2. Chip Gelmini says:

    Oh lookie…it’s Tom Bieber……

  3. rich says:

    i knew the beatle haircut would never go out of style.he must of checked out all the new itune commercials.

    1. Gorio says:

      This is not the Beatle look, it is the “Bieber” look!!!!

  4. Biff says:

    Who cares what his hair looks like as long as he is winning…you morons.

    1. wally says:

      Is this really a good excuse to call someone a moron? Lighten up a little.

  5. kathy says:

    Cut if off…much better looking with it short…looks like a cross between The Biebs and Dorothy Hamill.

  6. Listensalot says:

    Enough with the hair – as long as he plays ball – the rest belongs to Giselle (for now).

  7. Chip Gelmini says:

    Why is it that the Patriots, who play in Gillette Stadium – never seem to shave?

  8. kate says:

    Oh what is deal w/ his hair? why are people obsessed w/ his hair. He’s a good looking guy and he is a champion. He also seems to be a decent role model and he’s modest – give the guy a break.

  9. Charles Suisse says:

    Discover the secret to Tom’s hair here:

  10. TOM says:


  11. kayla says:

    how cares what you think. tom brady is a good guy leave the man alone. how would you like someone to make fun of your hair. i dont think you wold like it.
    oh and tom thats not nice just beacuse tom brady is not going to get a haircut doesin’t mean you have to vote for the jets:):):):):):):)From kayla age 8

  12. kayla says:

    just jking i’m not 8 i’m 20

  13. sarah says:

    Cut the hair back to the way it was in 2004, then maybe another dynasty will come our way! Season’s over so go back to the old and who cares what ur girlfriend says! its the fans u gotta care about what they say! Thanks

  14. Shelly says:

    A good role model? Are you kidding me? The man slept with a woman out of wedlock and got her pregnant; is part of an organization that has been called out for cheating and you think that is a good role model? I will give you that he is a great athlete..probably one of the best QBs there is around…but if I had boys I would not want them looking up to him for how they should be as a man.

    1. Rachel Linthout says:

      PERFECT!!! Thanks again as noted below…you took the words right out of mouth…and I agree 100%

  15. frank says:

    Who knows, he may loose his hair next year and we can find something else to talk about.

  16. Anne says:

    Comments are fun; however, we have much more to do than focus on this. Carpe Diem– Seize the day. Chill.

  17. Avenger says:

    What a Dork. He looks gay for sure!

    1. Steph K. says:

      Hey, Avenger, people like you are why bullies in school are successful! Knock off the hate speech–and furthermore, why didn’t anyone else call him out on the ‘gay’ slur?! Bigoted people like you are the reason I hate sports fans…
      Tom Brady could care less about his hair, as long as it’s out of his eyes when his helmet is on. His ‘image consultants’ and Giselle probably make decisions about his hair.
      Oh, and Shelly? ‘Slept with a woman out of wedlock and got her pregnant’?! You do know it’s the 21st century and no one cares, right? I’m sure he’s paying child support, and he makes enough to pay a lot. That child has a silver spoon, designer diapers, and probably has his (? her?) education paid for through to the Ph.D. level.

      1. Rachel Linthout says:

        And is there a certain “gay” haircut? I also hate bigoted people, but they are everywhere, not just sports fans. It might be the 21st century but people do care , it doesn’t matter what the average person does , but if you want to be some big wig sports figure, be a role model—– and a good one.

  18. RyRytheFlyGuy says:

    say what you want about the hair, but tom’s got us all beat with one word: Giselle.

  19. bets jake says:

    The guy is gorgeous no matter how he wears his hair. You guys are all just jealous

  20. macmum says:

    hey, I’m glad he’s a good player, BUT his model wife has infiltrated his thinking….the hair style looks stupid on a grown man..leave that silliness to Justin B. sorry Tom!

  21. Andre Sales says:

    Man this looks gay as hell lol

  22. Rachel Linthout says:

    SHELLY ..Thank you…..You took the words right out of my mouth,,) Good Post and I agree 100%!!!

  23. John says:


    All i know is that when it came to crunch time he wuz more on his back looking up at the JET Beat down that was happenning around him!! Go JETS!!

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