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  • Betty Mohr

    I am a 67 year-old widow, and I have just had my first novel, First Stone on the Right, published
    as an eBook on Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com.

    The impetus for the novel came to me after my husband’s death, followed by loss of money
    and the difficulty of finding a job. I learned that when you’ve got nothing to lose, you’ve got
    nothing to lose by taking chances.

    I started to write the novel out of grief and loneliness, but after reading the first draft
    I thought it wouldn’t keep readers interested. So I threw in murder, psychological suspense, and strange occurrences–and that made all the difference.

    I discovered that sixty-plus is a perfect time in which to write a book as one has garnered much life experience. And now, in the age of eBooks (more eBooks were sold this year than printed editions), I found that getting a book published is life changing.

    I would love to share with your listeners the many ways that writing a book can give meaning and purpose to their lives.

    Thank you,
    Betty Mohr
    (312) 951-8421

  • Frank Walley

    Happy Birthday Paula

  • Patrick S.

    can you describe Paula in less than 8 letters?No,because she is gorgeous and fabulous,and topnotch.

  • Jay Forristall

    Paule, Thank You for shedding a tear during your reporting. The only way for people to heal is to see the effect that this cowardly act has had on a strong woman like yourself,which will allow the rest of us to cry also. Again, Thank You.

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