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Mary Blake

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Mary Blake is an award-winning reporter and anchor who joined WBZ News Radio in March 2007. Prior to joining the WBZ team, Mary worked as a News Anchor for WRKO and WROR in Boston. Mary began her career in Lowell as a News Anchor and Reporter for WLLH-AM and WCAP-AM. In addition, she has spent time working in television in the Boston area.

During her career, Mary has been recognized by the AP, UPI and RTNDA with numerous awards for Feature Reporting, Breaking News Coverage and Individual Achievement. The March of Dimes and the National Commission on Working Women have also awarded Mary for her anchoring and reporting.

Mary graduated Cum Laude from The University of Massachusetts with a concentration in Communication Studies. She also attended Arizona State University with a concentration in Journalism Studies.

Mary grew up in an Air Force family and traveled extensively before settling down in Massachusetts. She is married with four very active children and lives in the Boston suburbs.

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