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  1. Jeanne from Hudson NH says:

    Hi Lisa,
    The baby is like a real child. It is made to make teens realize the amount of responsibility a baby is. I call it natural child birth…LOL…

  2. Jeanne from NH says:

    natural birth control LOL

  3. Heidi says:

    Could you let us know when and if something happens with the Occupy Boston events. In the meantime, I’d much rather be watching the show you’ve Interrupted.

    Thank you!

  4. joan johnson says:

    you just did a story about babies and sleep apnea.when my son was five he would stop breathing in his sleep we even video taped him to show dr’s.they disregarded us because when we would get to the hosp he would be breathing fine.you need to follow this story with tips on how to get dr’s to hear you and take you serious.the story with my son was his tonsils and adnoids were blocking 90% of his airway when on his back ,but up right he seemed fine. i had to be disrespectful to staff members to get them to listen to me . the dr finally ordered a test to see if my son had swolled anything just to humor me that is when they saw his tonsils and adnoids.

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