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Jon Keller is Political Analyst for WBZ-TV News, and his “Keller At Large” reports on a wide range of topics are regularly featured during WBZ-TV News at 5PM and 6PM. Keller’s commentaries are also seen weekday mornings at 5:30am on WBZ This Morning and heard each weekday at 7:55AM and 12:25PM on WBZ NewsRadio 1030.

Jon is widely regarded as the top political analyst in New England. He is a favorite of the region’s viewers because he is smart, witty and local, and asks the tough questions everyone wants to have asked. The politicians respect him too because he has a reputation for being non-partisan, accurate, and dedicated to serving viewers. Although ‘Keller at Large’ primarily tackles politics, Keller also offers social and cultural commentary on news of the day and pop culture.

Before joining WBZ-TV in 2005, Jon was Political Analyst for “The Ten O’Clock News” on WLVI-TV in Boston for 14 years. Previous credits include op-ed columnist for The Boston Globe, chief political reporter for The Boston Phoenix, and reporter, columnist and editor for The Tab Newspapers. His freelance writing has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the New Republic, the Chicago Tribune and other publications.

Jon has been honored with ten New England Emmy Awards for commentary and reporting, and was named “Best TV Political Analyst” twice in Boston Magazine’s annual “Best of Boston” issue.

Born in Washington, DC, Jon was raised in Cambridge and graduated from Brandeis University in 1977 where he earned Cum Laude honors in history.

Jon has been married for nearly forty years and has two grown sons. In his spare time (of which there is little), Jon enjoys traveling; listening to live jazz and soul music; playing golf (poorly but with great pleasure); and walking Buddy the Wonder Lab.

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