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  • Richard M.

    I have a comment for “Elliot”. Accu Weather??? I assume that was supposed to mean “accurate”??? Tell that to the woman who was walking four little dogs on leashes in the “pouring” rain and side ways wind gusts!!! How about the boy with the fishing rod riding the bike. How about the “old” guy who just dropped off his truck at the backyard mechanic and thought it would be a “nice” day to ride back on his bike!!! You need to be hosed down every time you make a big mistake. I saw quite a few yard sale people trying to cover up their items and people who were standing under trees to keep from “drowning” just because “YOU” blew the forecast. Meanwhile “YOUR” forecast on the radio was being heard as: ” Showers may happen late in the afternoon”…Take a look outside at the sky and see what’s happening once in awhile…..

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