420x316 grad shields1 420x316 grad shields

  • Geneviieve

    Thank you for the piece this morning, 11/13/11, on cars pulling over when there is a breakdown and someone is there to try and repair or help the situation. It always troubles me when I see cars fly by, barely leaving any clearance room. It’s the feeling I get when I see an ambulance trying to get somewhere and no one pulls over until the very last minute, if at all. Or they cut into funeral processions.

  • Brian Snyder

    it bothers me when people blow things out of proportions, such as your cover of the transformer fire. These things wear out the same as any piece of machinery. I know they leave behind a lot of people in the dark, but here in Nova Scotia all our equipment is old and transformers blow and it is not unusual. I would say that your power company is letting there equipment wear out to the max and you are going to see a lot more of that in the future. You hear of little transformers on poles in neighbourhoods going with a bang and sheet of flame, and nobody pays much attention, now your bigger ones are starting. This summer in the heat, you watch, more big ones will go. The mayor should make the power company do statistical checks of maintenance of the equipment and start replacing old and outdated equipment, because you are a growing city and it is only going to be more load and heat on the old equipment that was not meant to handle that continuous load .Good luck with that lol

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