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1 New England Patriots New England Patriots 11-3
▲ 1
That’s six straight AFC East titles. Throw in a Packers loss, and this is officially the team to beat in the NFL.
2 Denver Broncos Denver Broncos 11-3
▲ 1
The offense has been held under 30 points in three straight games, which is surprising. On the flip side, the defense is getting it done. That’s three straight games of giving up 17 points or fewer.
3 Seattle Seahawks Seattle Seahawks 10-4
▲ 1
The Seahawks have won seven of eight, including four straight, and look awfully good. Even scarier? The top seed in the NFC is still theirs for the taking.
4 Green Bay Packers Green Bay Packers 10-4
▼ 3
Statistically, that was the worst game of Aaron Rodgers’ career. But the seven drops – including a sure touchdown by Jordy Nelson – didn’t help.
5 Indianapolis Colts Indianapolis Colts 10-4
Andrew Luck has this whole division title thing down. This still doesn’t feel like an elite team, but it’s got some pretty nice pieces.
6 Arizona Cardinals Arizona Cardinals 11-3
Down to their third quarterback, the Cardinals are the Ohio State of the NFL. They’ve also got a big, bad opponent coming to town. Sunday night’s clash against Seattle will likely determine the division winner.
7 Dallas Cowboys Dallas Cowboys 10-4
▲ 1
Impressive win for the Cowboys, who never panicked despite giving up a 21-point lead. Maybe this team really has turned the corner.
8 Detroit Lions Detroit Lions 10-4
▲ 1
Four of the Lions’ last six wins have been by four points or fewer.
9 Philadelphia Eagles Philadelphia Eagles 9-5
▼ 2
That’s two straight games in which the Eagles have held the ball for fewer than 19 minutes against top-notch competition. They lost both games by double digits. As for the secondary, one word: suspect.
10 Pittsburgh Steelers Pittsburgh Steelers 9-5
Antonio Brown is the fourth player in NFL history with 110+ receptions in consecutive seasons. Bravo. Oh, and the Steelers control their own destiny.
11 Baltimore Ravens Baltimore Ravens 9-5
The offense didn’t score a touchdown at home against Jacksonville under midway through the fourth quarter. Hmm...
12 Cincinnati Bengals Cincinnati Bengals 9-4-1
Hey, you beat a rookie quarterback and then taunted him! That was so cool! Go win a playoff game.
13 Buffalo Bills Buffalo Bills 8-6
▲ 5
In their last two games, the Bills have held Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers to zero touchdowns and four interceptions. Respect.
14 Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs 8-6
▲ 2
Nothing like a home game against Oakland to end a three-game skid. The Chiefs are knocking on that playoff door.
15 San Diego Chargers San Diego Chargers 8-6
▼ 2
The Chargers are 3-5 in their last eight games, with the margin of defeat ranging from three to 37 points.
16 San Francisco 49ers San Francisco 49ers 7-7
▼ 2
Not to beat a dead horse, but that’s seven straight non-overtime games of scoring 17 points or fewer. The Niners are officially out of playoff contention.
17 Houston Texans Houston Texans 7-7
▼ 2
Another dominant performance from J.J. Watt, another loss in Indy. The Texans have never won there (0-13).
18 Miami Dolphins Miami Dolphins 7-7
▼ 1
Well, it was close at halftime...
19 Cleveland Browns Cleveland Browns 7-7
Welcome to the big leagues, kid. The Browns have now gone four straight games with zero passing touchdowns and at least two interceptions.
20 New Orleans Saints New Orleans Saints 6-8
▲ 4
It’s been an ugly season, but somehow, the Saints are in prime position to host a playoff game.
21 St. Louis Rams St. Louis Rams 6-8
▼ 1
The Rams didn’t allow any touchdowns, but they didn’t score any, either.
22 Minnesota Vikings Minnesota Vikings 6-8
▼ 1
Two picks and a blocked kick were too much to overcome.
23 Carolina Panthers Carolina Panthers 5-8-1
A two-point home win over Tampa keeps this team squarely in the playoff race.
24 New York Giants New York Giants 5-9
▲ 1
In his last two games, Odell Beckham Jr. has 23 catches for 273 yards and four touchdowns.
25 Atlanta Falcons Atlanta Falcons 5-9
▼ 3
The Falcons made a game of it in the second half, but the secondary woes continued.
26 Chicago Bears Chicago Bears 5-9
Another ugly, embarrassing performance from Jay Cutler and the Bears. This franchise is officially at a crossroads.
27 New York Jets New York Jets 3-11
▲ 1
Hey, a road win! Against the two-win Titans! Yay!
28 Washington Redskins Washington Redskins 3-11
▼ 1
Odell Beckham, Jr. He’s open.
29 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-12
Hey, a Doug Martin sighting. The Bucs have two more chances to do what they haven’t done all season: win a home game.
30 Oakland Raiders Oakland Raiders 2-12
The Raiders got routed on the road. Shocking.
31 Tennessee Titans Tennessee Titans 2-12
If you can’t beat the Jets at home, you’ve got problems. If you can’t even score a touchdown against the Jets at home, you’ve got major problems.
32 Jacksonville Jaguars Jacksonville Jaguars 2-12
Still winless on the road.

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