images sizedimage 183200729 Road Trip: Block Island, Rhode Island

(credit: Block Island Tourism Council/Michael Melford )

Its delicate ecosystem is like nothing on Earth, and the relaxed pace that life takes on this fantastic island is also a spectacle to see. Spend some of your summer days just off the coast of Rhode Island on an island oasis surrounded by 17 miles of beaches, beautiful scenery and an amazing landscape unique to the area. Welcome to Block Island.

Block Island was formed by glaciers nearly 10,000 years ago and is known for its beautiful and diverse habitats and more than 40 state and federal rare, endangered species. But the laid back, easy going lifestyle of the island’s residents is also something to take note of. So, just kick back, throw on your summer shorts and leave your hectic lifestyle at home. Relax, and take in what Block Island has to offer.

Getting There

Distance (roundtrip from Boston): 141 Miles
Travel Time: About 2 hours 44 minutes

Ferry From Point Judith to Block Island:
Traditional Ferry – 55 minutes
Adult, roundtrip different day: $26.95
Children 5-11: $13.90
High Speed Ferry – 30 minutes
Adult roundtrip: $35.85
Children 4-11 roundtrip: $19.50
Children 3 & Under roundtrip: $12

The Spring House Hotel

When you arrive at Block Island, you are going to need a place to stay. The Spring House Hotel is the perfect spot to spend a few nights. Perched along the edge of the island, The Spring House Hotel provides an amazing view of the Atlantic Ocean and Block Island’s foothills.

Over the past 154 years, The Spring House has hosted several prominent figures, including Ulysses S. Grant, Mark Twain and even Billy Joel. The hotel has also hosted weddings for the Kennedy family.

Make a dinner reservation and enjoy The Spring House’s fine dining. The menu consists of local fare, such as seafood and chowders, and the atmosphere exemplifies the local charm and beauty that makes Block Island so unique. If you are not up to a full meal, you could always sit and relax at the hotel’s Victoria’s Parlor, where you can sample desserts and gourmet coffees.

Take A Kayak Tour Of Block Island

Take and intimate kayaking tour of Block Island with Pond & Beyond. Paddle your way through the calm waters of Great Salt Pond and enjoy the wildlife along the shores.

All of Pond & Beyond’s tours never consist of more than five people, so kayakers can really enjoy the scenery and peaceful waters without feeling bombarded by fellow tourists.

Tour guides have years of experience and extensive knowledge of the island, so you will paddle through some of the best ponds and see only the most beautiful shorelines while on your tour.

These tours are popular, so be sure make a reservation at least 24 hours in advance. The tour is not too expensive, considering group sizes and the amount of time spent in the water — about 2.5 hours.

Ponds & Beyond provides a list of things you will need for the tour, so pack your bag, strap on a life vest and enjoy your time in the water!

Hit The Beach

Block Island is also known for its miles of beautiful and pristine beaches. Surrounded by fantastic lighthouses and breathtaking bluffs, the beaches almost seem untouched — making you feel as if you are in your own island oasis.

Crescent Beach is one of the island’s most popular beaches. There, beachgoers can enjoy more than two miles of beautiful sand that stretches across Block Island’s east coast. The best part – admission and parking at all of the island’s beaches is free.

Block Island is truly a paradise only a few hours away. Its breathtaking landscapes will pull you in and the island’s local charm and laid back lifestyle will make you want to extend your time away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.


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