BOSTON (CBS) – Think of the amount of advertising you see every day. Every TV spot, every billboard, every pop-up ad. Of course they’re trying to sell you products, but there’s no denying that advertising is also a part of our culture – created by talented, creative people whose goal is to enlighten, engage and entertain while selling you stuff.

Many of the movers and shakers who have inspired consumers around the world live and work right in our own backyard here in Boston.

It all started a century ago, when a local organization was founded, dedicated to the advancement of a brand new art form: The Art of Advertising.

Founded in 1913, the Boston Ad Club is celebrating 100 years dedicated to the advancement of the advertising industry. As they celebrate their centennial, the Ad Club is honoring four Legends of Advertising, who have changed the landscape of marketing.

This honoree has been a rock musician and an accountant; a rare combination indeed. But through his hard work Joe Grimaldi ended up an advertising legend at Mullen. He is the brains behind memorable ads for Google, JetBlue and As Joe says, this honor from the Ad Club is a challenge to do even bigger and better things. With his enormous success already, we can’t wait to see what he comes up with next. A man who can seemingly do it all, the Ad Club honors Joe Grimaldi.


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