Looking for a New Year’s Eve bash for you and your friends? Check out some of the hottest nighclubs in Boston that will be ringing in the New Year in style.

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(credit: Felt Boston)

533 Washington Street
Boston, MA

Well get your holiday masks on and strut right into 2011 at Felt in Boston’s Downtown Crossing.

Felt’s NYE Masquerade Ball will be a massive event packing the four levels of this massive entertainment ultra lounge.

The crowd is young, sexy and dressed for a fashion shoot. The club is as sleek as the crowd with leather seating and exposed brick walls with massive video screens throughout.

The bar is flashy and stylized with even a few bottle tricks thrown in for good measure.

The NYE party will feature DJ Franklin spinning hip hop Latin mash-ups on the 1st floor and DJ Adilson playing house classics/dance on the second level.

If you don’t dance here then you probably should just go home. While you are doing your best eyes wide shut impersonation there will be a “Sexiest Mask” contest with $300 as a prize.

There is a customary champagne toasts at midnight along with party fare buffet.

With parking in this neighborhood being tough, a reduced fare parking is awesome on this night. So on NYE get dressed up and hit this killer club’s ball.

279 Tremont Street
Boston, MA

Well on NYE this year, the greatest show in New England will be under the big top at Royale in Boston’s Theater District.

This venue used to be better known as the famed Roxy and is a true experience in itself.

With a cavernous expanse, chic styling and Victorian adornments, this Big Top NYE 2011 party will be sure to bring out the circus freak in all of those who enter.

The balconies and grand stair case are examples of what will be at hand, grandeur. The influences are pulled straight from the South Beach scene.

Partnering with NYC’s Bowery Presents music promotions, you know you will hear the hottest acts in the country.

For NYE the ringmasters spinning tunes are DJ Breezy and DJ Erik Valez. They will surely be causing you to turn into a dancing animal by the time he ball drops. I mean this place was given a Best Dance Club in Boston award for 2010!

If you are looking for a truly amazing NYE dance experience the then kneel before The Royale. You won’t be left wanting more!

The Place
2 Broad Street
Boston, MA

Well if you wanna party and have your picture plastered all over town then this is the place!

For NYE this year, The Place in Boston’s Financial District is your destination for a straight-up great time. The spot is well known for mad fun and to just get wild with some of the best DJs spinning all your favorites from Jay-Z to AC/DC.

There is a casual atmosphere with a matching dress code. The crowd is from all segments and the girls are usually smoking! There is dancing but not the typical techno club mayhem of tweekers and euro transplants. This is just for a good time.

For NYE they will be keeping the customary fun going with a few changes to the routine. There will be a free buffet from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m., the crazy pointed hat and horns for party favors, champagne toast at midnight and many contests and prize giveaways from The Place and its sponsors.

All this is only $30, which is cheap for NYE in this side of town.

I have never had a bad time at this “place” and I doubt you will either! Check it out for the festivities and you might find me sitting at the bar.

Revolution Rock Bar
200 High Street
Boston, MA 02110
(617) 261-4200

Are you ready for some leather and lace for your new year?

Can you manage the sultry world of decadence and fantasy for your last few moments of 2010? I know I can!

The Revolution Rock Bar will be hosting a truly sinful party this NYE.

ReVAMPed, Ivan Kane’s Forty Deuce World-Famous Burlesque loved in Vegas, Hollywood and by hundreds of celebrities.

This spectacle will leave you breathless with desire and wishing more of 2010 had been like this. Oh yeah, the bar is awesome too!

This place is designed as a red-light party with leather and steel as its accessories. Sexy bartenders, even hotter crowds and a picture booth make for a good time, hands down.

There are plenty of dark nooks for hiding in the shadows and getting cosy with a new friend. If that doesn’t peak your levels, there is a sub-level adorned all in white and mirrors so you can get a good look at yourself as the New Year comes around!

There will be all the typical reveille in the club with party favors and a champagne toast at midnight. Dress to impress or just look like a rock star and you will slide right in.

Shawn Sixx is a producer for CBS Radio Boston’s WZLX. He is also a contributing writer for AMP Magazine and Ryan’s Smashing Life.

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