– By Stacy Woods

The show is at 7 and gets out at 9. Unless I am staying in the city or someone else is driving home, dinner is both too early and too late. My solution is to grab a quick bite with a glass of wine before and
after the show. I will choose an excellent wine that I can linger over and savor so that one glass doesn’t
turn into three. Responsible driving is an obvious concern but inappropriate outbursts of laughter during the show are also a consideration. Here are some favorite “by the glass” spots within walking distance of many Theater District venues.

troquet Bostons Best By the Glass Near The Theater District

(Photo Credit: Troquet/Facebook)

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Arguably the best by the glass program in Boston. There is something for everyone from vintage sparkling to vintage Port all of which can be purchased by the glass in either a 2oz pour or 4oz pour. They also offer an extensive cocktail menu. Reasonable prices, excellent appetizers and very good service will get you to the show on time with sufficient nourishment.

avilla Bostons Best By the Glass Near The Theater District

(Photo Credit: Avila/Facebook)

Also a fairly extensive by the glass menu but what I find appealing here is their half bottle selection. My date is typically my husband and he normally goes along with what I am in the mood for but ordering a half bottle at Avila is a good opportunity to impress your date. The selection is easy to understand and loaded with excellent wines. They also offer a pre-theater menu to get you in and out fast with the option of returning for your dessert after the show.

erbaluce Bostons Best By the Glass Near The Theater District

(Photo Credit: Erbaluce)

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I feel like I am giving away everyone’s little secret. Erbaluce is tucked out of the way and has an elegant, cozy feel. The menu is fantastic and changes nightly. You can usually get a seat at the bar for appetizers and a glass of wine before an evening show. The by the glass wine list offers an extensive selection of interesting Italian reds, whites and sparklers which might tempt you into “one more glass” and have you running to make your seating.

115356565 Bostons Best By the Glass Near The Theater District

Photo Credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

website and reviews

Pigalle is an upscale restaurant with a rustic French provincial menu. This is the perfect place for a romantic night out at the theater. With a small bar you will want to grab an early reservation in the inviting dining room so that you can linger without being late. The wine list is extensive and well matched with the cuisine. The service is attentive and well trained to get you to the theater on time.

Stacy Woods CWE, Certified Wine Educator, is a wine instructor at Boston University’s Elizabeth Bishop Wine Resource Center. Currently a candidate for the Master of Wine designation, Stacy has had experience working with each tier of the wine industry. Follow on Twitter @stacywoods.


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