Who’s Better? Boston or New York?

occupybostongraphic Boston Vs New York   Occupy

Occupy Boston was last to be evicted from its encampment. (Photo by Kayana Szymczak/Getty Images)

135989471 Boston Vs New York   Occupy

Occupy Wall Street was first to set up an encampment. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Now that that’s settled (our producer says Boston, our intern says New York), check out our Super Bowl Home Page
Comments (6)
  1. bob billybob says:

    nice survey thanks cbs!!!

    1. BOB THE AMAZING says:

      these guys have gotta stop with this occupy thing its crazy JUST STOP

  2. Edzo says:

    Decided to end survey with stupid Occupy question.

  3. DoverDavid says:

    Interesting how the skyline of Boston was on a sunny day where as NY was on a dark one.

  4. Pats Fan says:

    good survey, but it felt a little biased toward Boston, and i’m from boston. In the end it comes down to one statement. There’s No place like Home.

  5. Robert says:

    I am from Mass. now I live in Jersey so sad I voted for Boston in all of these questions. Love Boston.

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