Did The Senate Candidates Answer The Questions?

U.S. Senate candidates Ed Markey and Gabriel Gomez debated live Wednesday evening – as seen on WBZ-TV, here on CBSBoston.com and heard on WBZ NewsRadio 1030.

We want to know what you think. Did the candidates answer the questions posed by Jon Keller and Cynthia Needham? Let us know in the Comments thread below.

1. There has been considerable energy expended in this race on questioning the other candidate’s character. Mr. Gomez, you’re running an ad calling your opponent “dirty.” Mr. Markey, your campaign has challenged the ethics of your opponent’s finances and called on him to “come clean.” So let’s get this out of the way: is your opponent’s character an issue in this race, and if so, why?

ADD YOUR COMMENTS – Did they answer the question?

2. This question came to us from a viewer via CBSBoston.com. Politicians pay a lot of lip service to the middle class, but it isn’t always clear exactly what they mean. Please define what you think being middle class means in terms of income range, and explain what you’d do to ease middle-class economic anxiety.

ADD YOUR COMMENTS – Did they answer the question?

3. Officials in a number of states, including Massachusetts, are expressing frustration and alarm over the details of implementing the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a Obamacare. We know you both supported repeal of the medical devices tax. Give us another specific example of something you see wrong with the new law that you would try to change in the Senate, and explain what you would do to fix it.

ADD YOUR COMMENTS – Did they answer the question?

4. Let’s turn to the most important foreign-policy question a US.. Senator will ever vote on. What are your criteria for going to war, and do you see a global trouble spot where that might soon apply?

ADD YOUR COMMENTS – Did they answer the question?

5. This question was submitted by a WBZ NewsRadio 1030 listener to Dan Rea’s “Nightside” program. Do you believe Attorney General Eric Holder should resign over his role in seizing reporter records during recent leak investigations, and has President Obama done enough to address public concerns about this matter?

ADD YOUR COMMENTS – Did they answer the question?

6. Let’s turn to immigration reform. Do you believe skilled workers should be afforded more leeway that unskilled workers to stay here while they seek citizenship, and why?

ADD YOUR COMMENTS – Did they answer the question?

7. Here’s another viewer question submitted to CBSBoston.com. More than 30 states have passed the so-called Women’s Right to Know Act, a law that would require women to wait 24 hours and review information about the development of the fetus before having an abortion. Supporters claim this is a common-sense measure that both sides of the abortion debate can agree on. Do you support or oppose it?

Tell us what you think. Did the candidates answer the questions? Be as specific as possible.

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