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(Photo: Sturbridge Village 1) credit: Christy Matte

3rd Gen Descendant Category Post Test

This is the Stage 2a Post. Stage 2a is child category of Stage2 which is a child category of Staging or a Third generation descendant category of Staging. This shouldn’t display in either the Stage2 or the Staging sidebar.


(Photo: New England Aquarium) credit: The Trust Family Foundation Shark and Ray Touch Tank/ S. Cheng

Child Post Testing

This post is published to Stage2 which is a child category of Staging. It should not show up on the Staging category landing page.



Old Time Baseball Photos

The Boston Public Library is digitizing and uploaded over 36,000 photos by Leslie Jones, who worked for the Boston-Herald Traveler from 1917-1956. Check out a few from the Golden Era of Baseball.
Courtesy of the Boston Public Library, Leslie Jones Collection.


(credit: CBSBoston)

Date Range Shortcode Test

Examples Date Duration Display: (2/16 – 2/21) Date Duration Hide: (2/16 – 2/21) Start Date Display: (2/18) Hide Until Date: (2/18) Hide On Date: (2/18) Show Until Date: (2/21)


Stage 4 only



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