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Nonprofit Creates Lottery To Encourage People To Save Tax RefundBy saving a small chunk of your tax refund, you could hit a $25,000 jackpot.
Early-Morning Fire Heavily Damages East Boston Apartments, BusinessNine people fled their apartments when fire struck a building on Bennington Street in East Boston.
The Mary Poppins TaxWhen you employ someone to work in your home such as a nanny or a housekeeper, you are required to pay Social Security and Medicare taxes on their wages.
What Documents Can I Toss?Most of us keep too much of the paper that comes into our homes.
Create Some Memories With That Tax ReturnConsider treating your family and create some memories for everyone with the refund.
Spend That Tax Return On Education, For Yourself!Your ability to earn a living is your largest asset.
Don’t Spend That Tax Refund, Get Rid Of Debt!The average taxpayer’s refund this year will be around $3,000 this year. This is not a windfall!
Tax Planning For Next YearGet a jump-start on next year’s taxes. Set up a simple filing system.
Tax Frauds And Scams To Look Out ForBe wary of anyone that wants you to sign a blank return or who refuses to put their name and Social Security number on your return.
How To Use Your Retirement Plans To Lower Taxable IncomeLooking for a tax shelter? The best way to beat taxes is by investing in your retirement plan.
Red Flags That Can Trigger An IRS AuditMost audits are simple paper audits where they send you a letter asking for supporting documentation.