Taking Back Boston: Team Gifford And Project HopeTwo days after the bombings last April, my 19-year old son Matthew called me at work and asked if I would help him train for the 2014 Boston Marathon.
VIDEO: Volunteering At The Boston Marathon Is A 'Family Tradition'For Skylar and Gloria Webster, volunteering at the Boston Marathon has become a family tradition.
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From Best Buddies To Marathon BuddiesCraig Welton and Alosha (Big A) O’Brien are taking the concept of “training buddy” to a whole new level as they embark on their journey along the historic route from Hopkinton to Boston on Marathon Monday.
Along The Route: Newton Rallies Around The Boston MarathonNewton is home to two of the most recognized Boston Marathon landmarks – the ‘Forever Young’ statue, and Heartbreak Hill.
Along The Boston Marathon Course: The Wellesley College 'Scream Tunnel'Wellesley College, located at mile 12.5. of the Boston Marathon is one the best places to experience the race. There the famous “Scream Tunnel” echoes with the shrieks of Wellesley College co-eds.
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