More Americans Don't Trust Self-Driving Cars, AAA Survey SaysA new report from AAA found that 73-percent of drivers say they would be too afraid in ride in one.
Laurel Or Yanny? Science Can Explain What You HearThe Yanny-Laurel debate is spreading across the internet, but science explains why we're hearing different things.
Sophisticated Humanoids, Robotic Furniture: Boston Stands At Forefront Of InnovationIt's clear that Boston is in the midst of a tech boom.
The Groundbreaking Inventions That Happened In The Boston AreaThe Boston area is known for its role in the American Revolution, but it's also the birthplace of some revolutionary inventions.
Nintendo Is Re-Releasing The NES Classic In JuneNintendo is giving video game lovers another chance to buy the company's wildly popular retro gaming console: the NES Classic.
Smartphones Distract Parents From Connecting With Their Kids, Study SaysA new study on how the cellphone obsession is affecting parents claims that smartphones are preventing mothers and fathers from connecting with their children.
Twitter Tells Users To Change Passwords After Discovering GlitchTwitter is advising users to change their passwords after discovering a glitch that stored passwords unmasked in an internal log.
Teen Driver Charged With OUI In Crash That Killed Realtor In MedfordA 17-year-old has been charged with drugged driving in a fatal crash in Medford that also killed a dog and left two other people seriously hurt.
2018 iPhone: All The Rumors On Specs, Price, Release DateApple is said to be tinkering with its 2018 iPhone lineup in an effort to goose adoption of the three models released in 2017 and three new ones reportedly coming later this year.
Facebook Tool Lets Parents Limit Messenger Kids TimeFacebook says it wants children to be able to take a time out from its Messenger Kids app.
Career Criminal Charged In Yarmouth Police Officer Murder Held Without BailThe career criminal charged with killing a Yarmouth Police officer is being held without bail after pleading not guilty to murder Friday.
'Congratulations, You Won' Pop Up Scam Infecting iPhones And AndroidsThe new wave of "congratulations" pop-up ads promise prizes like free Amazon gift cards, iPhones, or cash in exchange for clicking on the message or submitting personal information.