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Feminine Hygiene Products Could Be Doing More Harm Than GoodResearchers find feminine hygiene products could be leading to more infections and could be disturbing the normal distribution of bacteria.
Study: Teens Who Use Marijuana Have Slight Reductions In Cognitive FunctionA new study finds that teens and young adults who frequently smoke marijuana are more likely to have slower cognition.
Mass. General Trial Uses Marijuana-Based Medicine To Reduce SeizuresA local couple says their daughter, who suffers from epilepsy, is benefiting from an experimental drug trial using marijuana-based medicine.
Experts Say Showering Too Much May Do More Harm Than GoodAccording to multiple reports, excessive showering is actually doing damage to the skin and the body's ability to heal itself.
Spouses Can Boost Early Detection For Melanoma Patients, Study SaysSpouses may be apt to notice suspicious moles on their partners that could signal melanoma, the most dangerous type skin cancer.
FDA Approves First Contact Lens That Gets Darker In SunlightFDA officials signed off on the first ever transition contact lenses, which will get darker when the wearer is out in sunlight.
Marijuana-Based Medicine To Reduce Seizures Gets Positive FDA ReviewA closely watched medicine made from the marijuana plant reduces seizures in children with severe forms of epilepsy and warrants federal approval, health officials said Tuesday.
One In 8 People Have Cocaine On Their Hands, Study FindsResearchers at the University of Surrey discovered that 13 percent of drug-free individuals had illegal drugs mixed in with their fingerprints.
Bathroom Hand Dryers Spray Feces Particles On Your Hands, Study SaysResearchers say the machines which are designed to blow hot air on you are actually sucking up feces particles and spraying them onto your hands.
FDA Clears Way For First Contact Lenses With Light-Adaptive TechnologyMore than 40-million Americans wear contact lenses and today the FDA cleared the way for the first contact lens with light-adaptive technology.