Study: Children Who Are Spanked Are More Likely To Have Behavior ProblemsMost Americans say that spanking is sometimes necessary to discipline a child, but there's even more evidence that spanking not only doesn't work, in fact it may be making matters worse.
Researchers Say Many People Diagnosed With Cancer Suffer From PTSDMany people diagnosed with cancer suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD.
Healthwatch: The Impacts of Pre-Participation Cardiac Screenings, A Visit To Grandma'sA new study says pre-participation cardiac screening is ineffective and a visit to grandma may be unhealthy for your child.
HealthWatch: New Hope For Autism; Too Much TV Could Lead To Blood ClotsA new study is offering some hope to parents of children with autism and watching to much TV could lead to blood clots.
HealthWatch: New High Blood Pressure GuidelinesFor the first time in more than a decade, the American Heart Association is changing the guidelines for high blood pressure.
HealthWatch: Effects Of Sugary Drinks, The Importance Of Strength TrainingStudies show sugary drinks are associated with high blood pressure and strength training may be just as important as cardio exercise.
Popular Over-The-Counter Antacids Could Increase The Risk Of Stomach CancerA new study shows the use of proton-pump inhibitors doubles the risk of gastric cancer.
HealthWatch: Colonoscopies, Carbs, And A Link Between Tylenol And ADHDA colonoscopy at a younger age could save your life, Tylenol may increase risk of ADHD, and some people may crave carbs more than others.
HealthWatch: Stress Bad For Gut, Walking Can Help You Live LongerThere's growing evidence that your gut health is closely tied to your overall health.
FDA Approves Gene Therapy Tested In Boston To Treat Adults With LymphomaIt's the second such gene therapy approved--and it uses the same technology as the first one, which was tested in Boston.
HealthWatch: More Children Having Trouble Seeing; Factors That Affect LifespanA growing number of young children are having trouble seeing, and researchers identified several lifestyle factors that can have an impact on the length of your life.
HealthWatch: C-Section Obesity Risk, Baby Talk Same Around WorldHaving a C-section puts a woman's offspring at higher risk of obesity and women all over the world speak to their babies in the same way.

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