Number Of Doctors Recording Patient Visits Is RisingMore physicians are recording their medical conversations during office visits so that patients can review the notes at home.
Major Depression Diagnoses Up 33 Percent In Recent YearsThe jump was even more serious among children and young adults, with depression diagnoses rising by 47 percent in millennials and 63 percent in adolescents.
'All of Us' Research Program Recruiting ParticipantsLocal researchers are recruiting thousands of New Englanders to participate in one of the largest biobanks of its kind.
Climate Change Is Making Your Allergies WorseThe American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology says climate change is causing allergy seasons to last longer.
Concerns Over Lasting Exposure To Third-Hand SmokeA new study found that residual chemicals from tobacco smoke can linger on furniture and carpets even if no one has smoked there for years.
USPSTF Issues New Recommendation On Prostate Cancer ScreeningA leading task force has come out with new recommendations when it comes to prostate cancer screening in men.
Bath Additives May Not Improve Eczema Symptoms in KidsIf your child has eczema, you may want to skip the bath additives.
Just a Little Exercise Can Bring You HappinessResearchers have found that people who work out once a week or as little as 10 minutes a day are cheerier than those who never exercise.
Intermittent Fasting May Help Prolong LifeResearch suggests that fasting may also slow down aging and help prevent disease.
Midlife Anxiety Could Raise The Risk Of DementiaDoes having anxiety actually put someone at higher risk of developing dementia? A new study says it is possible.
Doctors Warned About Prescribing Sedatives And OpioidsOpioids can be risky when taken alone, but when taken with sedatives called benzodiazepines, the combination can be particularly dangerous.
Strength-Training Can Help Older Women With AgingWould you like to ward off the effects of aging? Strength-training may do the trick.