Mass. General Trial Uses Marijuana-Based Medicine To Reduce SeizuresA local couple says their daughter, who suffers from epilepsy, is benefiting from an experimental drug trial using marijuana-based medicine.
Reading Aloud To Young Children May Improve AttentionResearchers found that the children who participated in the program had fewer attention problems and fewer disruptive behaviors when they started school.
Teachers Worry Digital Devices May Harm Kids' Well-BeingNew research finds most teachers believe that digital devices have a negative impact on kids. 
Dining Out Could Be Riskier Than You ThinkResearchers found chemicals called phthalates were 35 percent higher in those who regularly ate out at fast food places and restaurants.
New Study: Teens With ADHD Are More Likely To Get Into A Car AccidentA new study shows that teenagers with ADHD are more likely to get into a car accident.
Boston Hospital Testing Device To Rid Epilepsy Patients Of SeizuresBrigham and Women's Hospital in Boston is testing a new painless device to try to rid epilepsy patients of their seizures.
Study: Growing Number Of Children Going To ER With AnaphylaxisAccording to a new study, the rate of emergency room visits due to anaphylaxis increased by 150% from 2010 to 2016.
Scientists Discover New Drugs To Treat Hot FlashesScientists have developed a new class of experimental drugs to treat menopausal hot flashes.
Kids Who Have Trouble Sleeping May Be Exposed To Too Much Bright LightIf your child is having trouble getting to sleep at night part of the problem may be the amount of light they are exposed to before bed.
HealthWatch: Holding Hands Can Help Ease PainA study found that when male partners held the female partners’ hands, their brain waves synched up and the women's pain subsided.
HealthWatch: FDA Warns Against Fraudulent Flu RemediesThe FDA is warning consumers about flu remedies that are making suspicious claims.
HealthWatch: Do Calorie Counts Help You Eat Less?More and more food establishments are adding calorie counts to their menus and it may be paying off.