HealthWatch: Stress Bad For Gut, Walking Can Help You Live LongerThere's growing evidence that your gut health is closely tied to your overall health.
FDA Approves Gene Therapy Tested In Boston To Treat Adults With LymphomaIt's the second such gene therapy approved--and it uses the same technology as the first one, which was tested in Boston.
HealthWatch: More Children Having Trouble Seeing; Factors That Affect LifespanA growing number of young children are having trouble seeing, and researchers identified several lifestyle factors that can have an impact on the length of your life.
HealthWatch: C-Section Obesity Risk, Baby Talk Same Around WorldHaving a C-section puts a woman's offspring at higher risk of obesity and women all over the world speak to their babies in the same way.
World Health Organization: Childhood Obesity On The RiseThe World Health Organization says the number of obese children and teens is now 10-times higher than it was 40-years ago.
HealthWatch: How Much Sitting Is Too Much; Dogs Sleeping In Your RoomResearchers at Columbia University looked at nearly 8,000 middle age and older adults and found they sat on average 11 to 12 hours a days. A new study out of the Mayo Clinic, finds having Fido sleep in your bedroom may help you sleep better.
HealthWatch: Vision Checks For Preschoolers; Height Vs. Blood Clot RiskDoctors say all children ages 3 to 5 years of age should undergo screening for lazy eye and that shorter people may be at lower risk of blood clots.
HealthWatch: A New Gene Therapy For Leukemia; A Study On CarbohydratesA so-called "living drug" that is providing new hope for some kids with cancer and how eating a lot of carbs could kill you.
HealthWatch: Slow, Steady And Successful Weight Loss; Benefits Of CoffeeSlow and steady wins the race when it comes to weight loss, according to a new study. Coffee may have even more potential benefits than originally thought.
Breast Cancer Patient Pursues Oncoplastic Surgery At Tufts Medical CenterTrained as both a breast cancer surgeon and a plastic surgeon, Dr. Abhishek Chatterjee at Tufts Medical Center said he could remove the cancer and fix the patient's breasts all at the same time.
Device Used To Help The Blind Could Help Also Prevent Car CrashesThe new collision warning device is equipped with a camera that can scan 180 degrees and a microcomputer.
Study Finds Half Of Workers Find Jobs TaxingA new study says the workplace can be physically and emotionally taxing.

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