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The Daily Talker

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Daily Talker: Principal Targets Bullies

A high school principal in the town of Winchendon did not mince words when expressing his anger with cyber bullies at his school. The Telegram & Gazette reports that Murdock High School principal Joshua Romano learned […]


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Daily Talker: Boston Marathon Memorial

As the 2015 Boston Marathon draws closer, we’re asking people about their ideas for a permanent memorial. We all remember the temporary memorial that grew near the site of the bombing.  It was eventually taken down. […]


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Daily Talker: I-93 Safety Concerns

A driver survived an incredible crash on Sunday morning after his pick-up truck plummeted off an upper deck portion of I-93.  The entire incident was caught on several DOT cameras.  MassDOT released the video on […]


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Daily Talker: Oscars and Platforms

There was no shortage of memorable moments at last night’s Academy Awards. Today, many people are talking about the winners, losers, and performers.  But many are also talking about the moments where actors, actresses, and […]


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Daily Talker: New Baseball Rules

In the midst of all this snow and cold, what better time to talk about baseball on this day before the official start of Red Sox spring training in Fort Myers, Florida. But there are reportedly […]


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Daily Talker: Polar Plunge Outrage

A storm of controversy has settled over the Massachusetts town of Wilbraham following an incident at a Polar Plunge charity event last weekend that was sponsored by the Wilbraham Police Department. During the event Saturday […]


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Daily Talker: Refund From The MBTA?

In the midst of one of the worst winters in recorded history in Boston, many MBTA riders have reached their limit. The beleaguered transportation system has endured countless cancellations and delays with no relief in sight. […]


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Daily Talker: Fixing The T

Wednesday provided no shortage of drama once again surrounding the beleaguered MBTA. General Manager Beverly Scott announced that she will resign this April. This came just a day after a spirited news conference where she blamed […]


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Daily Talker: Getting Rid Of The Snow

It’s the question being asked across Boston as the city continues to dig out from a series of winter storms.  Where do we put all of it? There are options like large snow melting machines, […]


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Daily Talker: Disciplining With Dignity

Pope Francis’ comments on spanking has a lot of parents talking today. During his weekly remarks from the Vatican, Pope Francis says it OK to spank your children—as long as the child’s dignity is maintained. […]