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The Daily Talker


Daily Talker: What Do You Think Of Disney’s Decision To Stop Donating To The Boy Scouts?

The Walt Disney Company plans to stop donating money to the Boy Scouts of America next year because of the group’s ban on gay adult leaders.



Daily Talker: Cutting School Bus Rides For 7th, 8th Graders

Seventh and eighth graders in Boston could soon find themselves having to take the T instead of a school bus to campus.

Under Interim Superintendent John McDonough’s proposed $973 million budget for the next school year, 120 central office positions would be cut, as well as bus service for many middle school students. Instead, seventh and eighth graders who would have been bused will get MBTA passes.



Daily Talker: How To Stop Kids From Sexting?

Walpole Police and school officials are now investigating several alleged cases of sexting among students.

Students told WBZ a group of about 15 girls sent naked photos of themselves to boys, and those pictures were widely shared. They also said some students have already been suspended.



Daily Talker: Should Smoking Age Be Raised To 21?

Older teenagers soon won’t be able to buy cigarettes in Scituate.

The town is joining others across the Commonwealth that have raised the minimum age to buy tobacco products from 18 to 21. The goal is to stop young people from becoming smokers.



Daily Talker: Is Enough Being Done To Fill Potholes?

They’re nearly impossible to avoid. Potholes seem to be popping up everywhere on Massachusetts roads, thanks to our extreme weather this winter.

The state has a new way to report potholes on state-owned roads, by calling 1-857-DOT-INFO. Since the hotline started in January, MassDOT says it has spent a half million dollars filling in more than 800 potholes.



Daily Talker: Should Girl Scouts Be Selling Cookies Outside Marijuana Businesses?

Photos have been spreading all over social media in recent weeks showing scouts set up outside dispensaries in California, Arizona, and other states that allow medical marijuana. One scout in San Francisco sold more than a hundred boxes in just a couple of hours.

While it may sound like a smart way to increase sales, don’t look for it to happen in the one state where recreational pot is already legal: Colorado.



Daily Talker: Do Drivers Depend On GPS Too Much?

Thanks to smartphones, more and more drivers have access to GPS units and turn-by-turn directions. A tourist from Arizona says his is partly to blame for a very close call.

He wound up driving his rental car onto a set of railroad tracks in Webster, after the GPS told him to turn down an alley. He says both the alley and the tracks were covered with snow.



Daily Talker: Should Robin Thicke BU Concert Be Cancelled?

Robin Thicke is one of the biggest stars in music right now, but some Boston University students don’t want him performing on the campus next month.

At issue his his song “Blurred Lines”. According to a petition created on the website, the group Humanists of Boston University says the song “celebrates having sex with women against their will. Lyrics such as, ‘I know you want it,’ explicitly use non-consensual language. And while watching the extremely explicit video, the insinuations grow from subtle to explicit to obnoxious.”



Daily Talker: Should February School Vacation Week End?

Most students in Massachusetts are on vacation this week. One of the exceptions is Taunton.

Because of concerns about the number of snow days in past years, the district changed its calendar. Instead of a week off in February, students got only a four-day weekend.



Daily Talker: Kansas Law Would Allow Harder Spanking

Teachers in Kansas would have more power to spank children under a bill introduced in the state legislature.

Currently, state law allows teachers, other caregivers and parents to spank children, as long as it is not hard enought o leave marks. Under the bill by Kansas House member Gail Ginney, a Democrat from Wichita, the law would allow up to ten strikes of the hand, and smaks that are hard enough to cause redness and bruising.