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Daily Talker: Plus-Size Controversy

An Old Navy customer noticed that on the company’s website, plus-sized women’s jeans cost $12 to $15 more than lower sizes, but prices were the same for men’s jeans. Do you think it is fair for Old Navy to charge more for plus-sized women’s jeans?


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Daily Talker: Equal Playing Field?

Some parents are not happy that a boy is allowed to play on the Dennis-Yarmouth girls field hockey team, despite the state saying it is OK. Do you think it is fair that boys can play on high school field hockey teams in Massachusetts?


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Daily Talker: Fired For ‘God Bless You’

A Derry, New Hampshire woman says she was fired for saying “God bless you” to people at the polls on election day. Do you agree with the decision?


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Daily Talker: Printed Food For Soldiers

The Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center has received funding to begin testing on printed food. What do you think of the plan to feed printed food to soldiers who are at war?


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Daily Talker: Too Soon For Santa?

Santa made his official arrival for the holiday season yesterday at the Burlington Mall. Is November 6th too early to see Santa at local malls? When do you think is an appropriate time to see Santa or holiday decorations for the first time each year?


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Daily Talker: Spying On Students

Harvard has acknowledged that it secretly photographed more than 2,000 students in 10 lecture halls as part of a study on classroom attendance. Do you think the school crossed the line by installing secret cameras as a way to track student attendance?


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Daily Talker: Mandatory Medical Tests

A judge has refused to block a program by Honeywell Inc. that requires employees to take medical tests or risk being fined. Do you think companies should be allowed to penalize workers who refuse to take medical tests?


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Daily Talker: Soda Tax

People in two California cities will be heading to the polls tomorrow to cast their ballot on a proposed soda tax. Would you support a tax on soda here in Massachusetts?


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Daily Talker: Nurse vs. Maine

A battle is brewing between a nurse who treated Ebola patients in West Africa and the state of Maine. Should she obey state laws or does she have the right to defy authorities if she believes she is truly Ebola-free?


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Daily Talker: Postponing Halloween

Officials in Westminster have postponed the town’s annual Halloween festivities, including trick-or-treating, due to concerns over the EEE virus. Do you think towns should postpone Halloween due to concerns over EEE?



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