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Daily Talker: Your Christmas Traditions

This morning, people are waking to presents under the tree as families gather to celebrate the holiday. What do you look forward to the most on Christmas?


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Daily Talker: Sony Reverses Course

Sony Pictures has reversed course and will now release the controversial movie “The Interview” in approximately 200 smaller theaters on Christmas Day. What do you think of the decision?


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Daily Talker: Headlight Law Coming?

A new law may soon require drivers in Massachusetts to have their headlights on during periods of rain, snow, fog, and more specifically, when “persons or vehicles on the roadway are not clearly discernible at […]


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Daily Talker: Battle Over Christmas

The war over the holidays has reached a fever pitch in the town of Marshfield. Does the debate have you second-guessing what you call this time of year? Do you say Merry Christmas or happy holidays?


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Daily Talker: Too Hot For High School?

The principal of Hopkinton High School says there will be no more dances because there has been too much dirty dancing. What do you think of the decision?


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Daily Talker: “The Interview” Canceled

Sony Pictures Entertainment announced Wednesday it is canceling the Christmas Day opening of the movie “The Interview”, a comedy about the assassination of North Korea leader Kim Jong Un. What do you think of the decision?


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Daily Talker: Brady Cursing Complaints

The FCC received a handful of complaints from parents about Tom Brady’s language during the team’s loss to the Green Bay Packers. What do you think about these complaints?


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Daily Talker: Pet Tattoos – Legal Or Illegal?

A new law in New York state will make it illegal for pet owners to tattoo or pierce their pets.


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Daily Talker: Delaying The Start Of Work

A new study suggests delaying the start of work so you can get more sleep.


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Daily Talker: Holiday Cards… Is The Tradition Dying?

With more and more young people reaching out to friends and family on social media some experts say less people are sending out holiday cards. Others say its too expensive and time consuming. Why do […]



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