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Daily Talker: Wesleyan Frats Told To Admit Women

Officials at Wesleyan University in Connecticut have told fraternities that they must admit female members by 2017 or risk losing their recognition at the school. What do you think of the school’s decision to require fraternities to admit female members?


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Daily Talker: White House Security Concerns

The Secret Service is increasing its presence at the White House following two separate incidents Friday and Saturday. Are you concerned about security at the White House? Do you think more needs to be done to keep the White House safe?


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Daily Talker: Perfect Job For Brady

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady posted his old resume on Facebook as part of Throwback Thursday.  Brady touted his summer internship at Merrill Lynch and included jobs at golf courses in Ann Arbor and Jackson, Mississippi.  In […]


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Daily Talker: Tracking People Who Text While Driving

A company is developing a device—similar to a radar gun—that would help police catch drivers who are texting behind the wheel. Do you think a device that could catch texting drivers would discourage people from texting behind the wheel?


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Daily Talker: Your Take On Everett Casino License

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission has voted to award a casino license to Wynn Resorts proposal in Everett. What do you think of the decision? Will that change how you vote on the referendum in November?


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Daily Talker: Cell Phone Sidewalk Lane

Many of us can get frustrated when we are walking behind someone who is looking down at their cell phone. What do you think of the idea to create a special sidewalk lane just for cell phone users?


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Daily Talker: $11 Million Or Birth Of Child?

PGA player Billy Horschel kept playing in a tournament for a chance at $11 million while his pregnant wife approached her due date. Do you think athletes should be present when their wives are due to give birth or keep playing for a big paycheck?


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Daily Talker: What Do You Think About A School’s ChapStick Ban?

A school district has banned ChapStick. District officials claim lip balm is an over-the-counter drug. If students want to use it they need to bring a doctor’s note and the school nurse has to hold it for them.


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Daily Talker: Should Someone In The NFL Be Punished?

The AP says a law enforcement official sent the video to an NFL executive. The source played a 12-second voicemail for the AP from an NFL phone number in April. On it, a female voice says, “You’re right. It’s terrible.”


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Daily Talker: Should Ray Rice Get A Second Chance To Play In The NFL?

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is speaking exclusively to CBS News about Ray Rice. When asked if that means Rice will never play in the NFL again, Goodell said, “I don’t rule that out. But, he would have to make sure that we are fully confident that he is addressing this issue clearly. He has paid a price for the actions that he has already taken.”



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