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Daily Talker: Your Thanksgiving Traditions

Happy Thanksgiving! Today is a day many of you enjoy with family and friends over a delicious meal. What are some of your special or unique Thanksgiving traditions?


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Daily Talker: Googling Thanksgiving Recipes

The folks at Google have compiled an interesting list just in time for Thanksgiving. They broke down the most distinctive Thanksgiving recipes that were searched on Google, by state, not just the most-googled overall. In […]


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Daily Talker: Decision In Ferguson

People across the country are waking up this morning to the chaotic images of unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, following a grand jury’s decision not to charge Officer Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown. How can America learn from the events of Ferguson, Missouri? Are there any lessons that can be learned?


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Daily Talker: Holiday or Christmas?

A public meeting will be held tonight in Marshfield following the school district’s decision to remove the word “Christmas” from the school calendar. Should the Marshfield school district change the words “holiday break” back to “Christmas vacation”?


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Daily Talker: Paper Bag Speed Dating

There is a new kind of speed dating that has a lot of people talking this morning…and it involves people putting paper bags over their heads. Would you recommend Paper Bag Speed Dating to a single friend?


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Daily Talker: The Anti-Barbie?

A new Barbie-like doll, called the “Lammily doll”, comes complete with stretch marks, cellulite, and acne. Do you think this is an appropriate representation of a young woman?


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Daily Talker: Child’s Play Or Threatening Act?

According to the Milford Daily News, a 5th grade boy was suspended 2 days for pointing an imaginary gun and making laser sounds. Is this simply child’s play or a threatening act?


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Daily Talker: Soccer Stadium In Boston?

The Kraft family is eyeing a piece of land off I-93 in South Boston as a potential site for a new soccer stadium for the New England Revolution. Do you think this is a good location for a new soccer stadium?


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Daily Talker: Fire Hydrant Violators

Boston firefighters called out to battle a three-alarm fire in the city’s South End yesterday were once again greeted by an unwelcome sight. The driver of a BMW parked in front of a fire hydrant. […]


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Daily Talker: Brookline Book Controversy

A social studies book for 5th graders at Brookline Public Schools is causing a lot of controversy among parents this morning for a passage that states, “slaves were treated well or cruelly depending on their owners.” How do you feel about Brookline Public Schools pulling this book due to the passage on slavery?



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