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Daily Talker: Dangers Of Too Much Praise

There is a new study that has a lot of parents talking today. The study out of Ohio State University suggests that constant praise for our kids’ accomplishments may have the unintended side-effect of creating […]


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Daily Talker: Boston 2024 Staff Salaries

The group spearheading Boston’s bid for the 2024 Olympics on Monday disclosed the salaries of its top executives and consultants, including former Gov. Deval Patrick, who will earn $7,500 per day when he travels on its […]


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Daily Talker: Do You Want The Record?

Boston is sitting less than two inches away from history.  After a winter of relentless snow storms, the city sits at 105.7 inches for the season.  That’s just 1.9 inches away from the record of […]


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Daily Talker: Customers Called Out

The owner of a popular restaurant in Cambridge has had it with negative reviews. Michael Scelfo, who owns Alden & Harlow in Harvard Square, fired back after he says he was threatened with bad reviews […]


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Daily Talker: Steeper Shoveling Fines

In the midst of a historic winter in Boston, Mayor Marty Walsh is looking to crack down on people who are shoveling snow onto streets and those who fail to shovel sidewalks. Right now, the […]


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Daily Talker: Removing Space Savers

The clock is ticking on space savers across Boston today. Despite more snowfall, residents who shovel out a parking space on Monday won’t be able to save it. Mayor Marty Walsh said last week that items such as […]


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Daily Talker: Principal Targets Bullies

A high school principal in the town of Winchendon did not mince words when expressing his anger with cyber bullies at his school. The Telegram & Gazette reports that Murdock High School principal Joshua Romano learned […]


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Daily Talker: Boston Marathon Memorial

As the 2015 Boston Marathon draws closer, we’re asking people about their ideas for a permanent memorial. We all remember the temporary memorial that grew near the site of the bombing.  It was eventually taken down. […]


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Daily Talker: I-93 Safety Concerns

A driver survived an incredible crash on Sunday morning after his pick-up truck plummeted off an upper deck portion of I-93.  The entire incident was caught on several DOT cameras.  MassDOT released the video on […]


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Daily Talker: Oscars and Platforms

There was no shortage of memorable moments at last night’s Academy Awards. Today, many people are talking about the winners, losers, and performers.  But many are also talking about the moments where actors, actresses, and […]