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Daily Talker: Fixing The T

Wednesday provided no shortage of drama once again surrounding the beleaguered MBTA. General Manager Beverly Scott announced that she will resign this April. This came just a day after a spirited news conference where she blamed […]


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Daily Talker: Getting Rid Of The Snow

It’s the question being asked across Boston as the city continues to dig out from a series of winter storms.  Where do we put all of it? There are options like large snow melting machines, […]


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Daily Talker: Disciplining With Dignity

Pope Francis’ comments on spanking has a lot of parents talking today. During his weekly remarks from the Vatican, Pope Francis says it OK to spank your children—as long as the child’s dignity is maintained. […]


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Daily Talker: Are The Olympics The Answer?

It has been a miserable week for commuters in Boston. Two recent snowstorms have made it a tough go around on the roads and on the rails. The MBTA has been hit especially hard. Earlier […]


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Daily Talker: Shovel Your Snow, But Then What?

As people in cities and towns across Massachusetts dig out from the blizzard, many are confronted with a familiar dilemma, especially those in neighborhoods with narrow streets. Just ask anyone living in neighborhoods like Southie, […]


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Daily Talker: Do You Believe Them?

Do you believe what Tom Brady and Bill Belichick said about Deflategate?


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Daily Talker: Belichick’s Take

Patriots fans and the rest of the nation are awaiting word from the NFL on possible punishment for the team’s alleged involvement in Deflategate. What do you want to hear from Bill Belichick today?


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Daily Talker: ‘DeflateGate’ Developments

ESPN is reporting that the NFL says 11 of the Patriots’ 12 allotted game footballs were under-inflated. Does this report change your opinion of how the Patriots won and do you think the team deserves to be punished?


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Daily Talker: ‘American Sniper’ Controversy

Clint Eastwood’s ‘American Sniper’ has been a hit with audiences but has faced some criticism as well following comments by Seth Rogen and Michael Moore. What do you think about the controversy surrounding the movie ‘American Sniper’?


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Daily Talker: “We’re On To Seattle”

The New England Patriots are on to the Super Bowl after Sunday night’s blowout victory over the Indianapolis Colts. What do you think the Patriots need to do to defeat Seattle and win the Super Bowl?



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