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Daily Talker: Movie Theater Backpack Ban

A Norwood-based movie theater chain is taking action following recent shootings in Louisiana and Tennessee. National Amusements Inc. says it is banning backpacks at its theaters, which include Showcase SuperLux, Cinema de Lux, Showcase Cinemas, and Multiplex […]


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Daily Talker: Netflix, Microsoft Parental Leave

One day after Netflix made headlines by announcing major changes to its parental leave policy, Microsoft unveiled its policy as well. Microsoft says it is extending leave for moms and dads to 12 weeks at […]


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Daily Talker: Boston Chewing Tobacco Ban

From the stands to the dugouts, chewing tobacco could soon be banned at Fenway Park. Today, Mayor Marty Walsh along with other health leaders and former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling, will announce a proposed ordinance […]


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Daily Talker: Cab Drivers Vs. Ride-Sharing Services

Cambridge cabbies are protesting ride sharing services.  They say it’s unfair Uber and Lyft drivers don’t have to abide by the same laws.  Cabbies are required to purchase medallions, commercial insurance and undergo training.  One […]


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Daily Talker: Hancock Tower Name Change

New England’s tallest building is getting a name change, but it’s not clear whether Bostonians will play along. The owners of the 60-story, 790-foot-tall John Hancock Tower in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood said Thursday that […]


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Daily Talker: ‘American’ Deemed ‘Problematic’

  The president of the University of New Hampshire says he’s troubled and offended by many parts of a “bias-free language guide” developed by students and staff, particularly a suggestion that using the word “American” […]


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Daily Talker: Brady’s Smashed Cell Phone

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has ruled on Tom Brady’s appeal, deciding to uphold his four-game suspension for his role in the DeflateGate scandal. The league cited Brady’s unwillingness to cooperate with Ted Wells’ investigation, and the […]


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Daily Talker: What’s Next For Boston?

Opponents are cheering the unceremonious demise of Boston’s bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics. But some are wondering what might have been. The U.S. Olympic Committee officially severed ties with Boston on Monday, saying it was […]


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Daily Talker: Sales Tax Debate

Despite its popularity each year among Massachusetts consumers, there is growing skepticism on Beacon Hill about the true impact of the state’s sales tax holiday. Some simply call it a gimmick. Since 2004, lawmakers have approved a […]


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Daily Talker: Miss Maine Contestant Controversy

A Maine beauty pageant contestant who catches and tags sharks and then poses with them for photos is facing a lot of criticism today. 21 year old Marisa Butler says she has tagged at least 30 […]