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WBZ-TV's Barry Burbank

Close Call Coming… High Stakes

It actually turned out quite mild today with high temperatures generally between 52 and 62 degrees. Boston’s high of 57 was 9 degrees above the average high for this date but not even close to the record-smashing 83 degrees of 2 years ago today.


WBZ-TV's Barry Burbank

Quiet Week Ahead

It has been another crazy week of winter here in New England. The northern mountains received the biggest snowstorm of the winter and the regional temperatures were on another roller coaster ride. From Boston’s 60 degrees on Tuesday to wind chills near zero on Thursday and back to 57 today, I hope you’re seat belt was fastened.


WBZ-TV's Barry Burbank

March Madness?

Today was the shortest day of the year at only 23 hours thanks to the return of daylight saving time officially at 2am. This spring forward ritual makes us feel good with the extra daylight shifting into the evening hours. It was definitely nice to see the sunset at 6:44 pm. Flip side, of course, is that it will be darker for early risers going to work and school in the morning. Tomorrow’s sunrise is 7:05.


WBZ-TV's Barry Burbank

More Ups And Downs

After Boston’s 109 consecutive hours of subfreezing weather this week, regional temperatures took a quantum leap to the 50s today. Anybody got spring fever? Boston’s 2:30 pm max of 55 degrees was not close to the record of 68 set just two years ago when we were experiencing an extraordinary winter of incredible warmth and virtually no snow.


WBZ-TV's Barry Burbank

Just Plain Cold

Today’s afternoon high temperatures were close to 20 degrees below the average! March 2014 is off to a very cold start and there are no indications that any long-lasting warmth is on the way.


WBZ-TV's Barry Burbank

From Above To Below

Today’s high of 52 in Boston is a dozen degrees above the average for this date and it felt much milder than yesterday thanks to the weaker wind. It is the 4th consecutive day of above average temperatures in this month that has featured 15 below average days.


WBZ-TV's Barry Burbank

Back To The Deep Freeze

What a beautiful day with temperatures flirting with and exceeding 50 degrees in many areas. Boston checked in with 50 degrees at 2:58 this afternoon. This was only the 7th day this month that featured above average temperatures which means 15 have been below average!


WBZ-TV's Barry Burbank

1 Storm Leads To Another

One storm leads to another and the next hit is timed for Tuesday. Present extrapolation places the snow breaking out over eastern MA near the end of the morning commute. Most of the snow will fall in the period of 10AM to 4PM.


WBZ-TV's Barry Burbank

Close Call

Despite the dire warnings that are out there for parts of the region from tonight’s storm, I am pretty much convinced that this system isn’t going to deliver much of a blow except perhaps parts of southeastern MA including Cape Cod.