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Wetter Weather On The Way

The building clouds lead to a few widely scattered sprinkles and brief showers and this action will be repeated today and as the atmosphere becomes a bit more unstable, the showers may be heavier in a few spots with lightning and thunder not impossible.



Gotta Love It!

The muggy, wet weather exited just in time to provide us with an absolutely splendid Saturday for so many outside activities including the many college commencements in the region. You know that it was New England May weather at its very best.



The Week Ahead

It just doesn’t get any better than yesterday for Mother’s Day. How could the weather be any nicer? Nearly unlimited sunshine, low humidity and splendid temperatures made it close to perfection.



Happy Mother’s Day

A cold front moved across the region overnight and it has shifted offshore so much drier air has arrived but the airmass is still warm so all systems are go for a splendid Mother’s Day.


WBZ-TV's Barry Burbank

Warmer Next Weekend

Although it will be breezy today, it will be less harsh with a few spikes to 20-25 mph. The atmosphere will be more stable today but some patches of passing clouds and an isolated spritz cannot be ruled out as temperatures climb to the lower 60s except upper 50s to near 60 over the Worcester hills.


WBZ-TV's Barry Burbank

A Seasonable Week Ahead

In this first full week of May ahead, expect average temperatures with highs mostly in the lower to middle 60s and overnight lows mostly in the lower to middle 40s.


WBZ-TV's Barry Burbank

It Could Be Worse

The late April chill continues this afternoon through tomorrow featuring high temperatures only in the middle 40s and that is about 15 degrees below the average for the date. Yes, it is gloomy and raw but it could be much worse.


WBZ-TV's Barry Burbank

Getting Better For Now

With high pressure ridging into the region, I am expecting sunnier conditions today but there are still going to be some clouds developing during the day with another bank of clouds threatening to back in from the east during the later half of the afternoon


WBZ-TV's Barry Burbank

Better But Not Best

Residual moisture on the western flank of an offshore circulation suggests that today’s sky will still be ruled by lots of clouds yielding some scattered showers. There is hope, however, for slight improvement over yesterday as some splashes of sunshine occur between the passing clouds.



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