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The Global Jigsaw PuzzleThere is little doubt about the weather in the short-term namely this first week of November. All systems are GO for above to much above average temperatures from now into next Saturday.
One For The Record BooksPatricia created some new records for the books. It was the fastest intensifying hurricane in history transitioning from a tropical storm to a Category 5 with 200mph. winds within 24 hours!
Popping Leaves And Falling TemperaturesHow sweet it was! The weather for the long Columbus Day Holiday Weekend was certainly close to perfection.
'Going Nuts' From An Abundance Of AcornsIt appears that this is a "mast year" meaning there is a bumper crop of acorns.
Past, Present & Future MusingsToday is the anniversary of the Great New England Hurricane Of 1938.
Summer Is Over??From Skyfall, "this is the end-hold your breath and count to ten". No, not true. This is just the final day of August and the ending of so-called Meteorological Summer comprised of the months of June, July and August.
Heat Wave WatchIt hasn't happened in over two years in Boston. The odds favor it will happen today. What is it? It's a heat wave which consists of 3 consecutive days at 90 degrees or higher.
Meteor Showers & Meteorological ShowersThis is a week that I always look forward to because it contains the Perseid Meteor Showers´╗┐.
What Does The El Nino Mean For Us?Yesterday was definitely a July anomaly for eastern New England as high temperatures maxed out 6-14 degrees below average for July 25th. Boston's high was only 69 degrees!
Something For EveryoneWay overdue, the temperature hit 90 in Boston yesterday. This puts 2015 in 5th place for the longest wait for 90 degrees.
Summer Heat And El NinoBoston's maximum temperature yesterday failed to attain 90 degrees again.
Summery Weather For Vacation WeekThis is one of the biggest vacation weeks of the year and it appears that the weather is going to cooperate for most but not all of the week.
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