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Cycles Of The Weather Engine

There is an amazing connectivity between the oceans and the atmosphere.



Revelations And Reservations

Would you like to be rewarded for enduring this astonishing, relentless winter? Well, you can now brag that you lived through historical times in Boston’s snowiest season ever with records dating back to the winter of 1890-91! It



The Next Nor’Easter

The bulk of the accumulation over much of the region will occur from 5 am to 5 pm. This storm, however, will likely contain some sleet, freezing rain and even some rain unlike the straight snow case of its predecessor.


Barry Burbank

Back To Bad Habits

On this MLK holiday, the nation was in a January thaw mode. Above to well above average temperatures existed across much of the country.



NO Big Storms In Sight!

One year ago this week from January 11-14, Boston’s high temperatures were 59, 54, 51 and 50 respectively! That will definitely not happen in the next 4 days but a potential shift in the steering currents should eventually propel milder air from west to east across the country .