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Toucher & Rich

Toucher & Rich

Fred Toucher & Rich Shertenlieb, weekday mornings from 6 to 10 on 98.5 The Sports Hub.
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  • Friday, September 19th
  • Gagne An Intriguing Possibility

    Fred Toucher says that if Simon Gagne makes the Bruins, it would be very positive news.
  • September 19 Hour 4

    CBS Sports color analyst Trent Green called in. Could a Super Bowl in New England work?
  • September 19 Hour 3

    Who waits all week in line for an iPhone? Rosevelt Colvin previewed Patriots-Raiders.
  • September 19 Hour 2

    $quishes releases a diss track for Stitches. Albert Breer of the NFL Network called in. Deion Sanders couldn't control his emotions last night.
  • September 19 Hour 1

    Raiders fans are something else. Thursday Night Football was a blowout. Deion Sanders cried in the presence of Devin Hester, who broke his return touchdown record.
  • Trent Green Previews Patriots-Raiders

    CBS Sports color analyst Trent Green called in to preview Patriots-Raiders. He also discussed his lengthy NFL career.
  • Rosevelt Colvin Interview

    The Bubbleship reconnects! Former Patriots linebacker Rosevelt Colvin called Toucher & Rich Friday morning for an NFL discussion, including his hometown Colts being 0-2 as well as a Raiders preview.
  • iPhone People, Part II

    The second part of Adolfo's look at the line for the iPhone launch.
  • What Kind Of People Wait Outside All Week For An iPhone?

    Adolfo Gonzalez heads down to the Apple Store to find out why people are willing to wait outside for a phone.
  • Roger Goodell Shielding NFL Owners From Criticism

    The NFL Network's Albert Breer came on Toucher & Rich Friday to discuss the controversy surrounding the NFL and how commissioner Roger Goodell has been the owners' fall guy. He's been silent since going on CBS after the second Ray Rice video emerged, but Breer believes Goodell will speak in the next week or so.
  • Thursday, September 18th
  • September 18 Hour 4

    A local rapper, $quishes, who sounds eerily similar to Adolfo Gonzalez, has a diss track out to Stitches. Brian MacPherson of the Providence Journal called in talking Sox. Rapper Waka Flocka is hiring a blunt roller.
  • September 18 Hour 3

    Red Sox catcher David Ross called in. Fantasy expert Dave Richard gave his Week 3 advice. CSNNE's Joe Haggerty's new article talks about some of the new Bruins.
  • Adolfo Rap Battle: Squishes vs. Stitches

    With all of the attention Stitches is gaining, a local rapper named Squishes offers up a battle track.
  • September 18 Hour 2

    FSU quarterback Jameis Winston is suspended for the first half against Clemson. Tom Brady chose not to comment about the Adrian Peterson situation, and Time magazine has a really silly take on it. Certain company Twitter accounts have come under fire.
  • September 18 Hour 1

    A drunk listener called in. Rusney Castillo made his Red Sox debut in Pittsburgh. Umpire Joe West was suspended for touching Jonathan Papelbon.
  • Dave Richard Interview

    CBS Sports fantasy football expert Dave Richard came on Toucher & Rich to provide his Week 3 advice, as well as what owners should do with Adrian Peterson.
  • David Ross Interview

    Red Sox catcher David Ross told Toucher & Rich Thursday morning his future is uncertain, and that he doesn't know if the Red Sox want to bring back a sub-.200 hitter.
  • Wednesday, September 17th
  • September 17 Hour 4

    The guys replayed the bit involving Scott Zolak having "zogasms." CSNNE's Joe Haggerty called in. Rihanna and CBS are at odds.
  • September 17 Hour 3

    The NFL has no clear cut policy on how to deal with arrested/indicted/charged players. Adrian Peterson proves that. The guys took calls on AP and advertisers potentially pulling out their sponsorships.
  • September 17 Hour 2

    Toucher & Rich play some of Stitches' greatest hits. Obnoxious Boston Fan Bill Speros called in. Adrian Peterson was also a topic during the 7am hour.

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