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Fred Toucher & Rich Shertenlieb, weekday mornings from 6 to 10 on 98.5 The Sports Hub.
  • Friday, July 3rd
  • Why Won't Free Agents Sign With The Celtics?

    CBS Sports' NBA writer James Herbert joined Johnston & Draper (filling in for Toucher & Rich) to discuss Boston's trouble attracting free agents, and other options for Danny Ainge.
  • Tuesday, June 30th
  • Jon Keller Interview

    WBZ-TV's Jon Keller joined the program to discuss the latest developments in the Boston bid for the 2024 Olympics.
  • Friday, June 26th
  • June 26 Hour 4

    Unprompted, Danny Ainge called in to defend the Celtics draft picks. Later in the hour Sean McAdam called in to talk some Red Sox. Jon Wallach is doing headlines on Monday for Adam Jones and Rich Keefe.
  • June 26 Hour 3

    Toucher & Rich talked to Mike Gorman about the Celtics draft picks. How important are NBA centers? "The Watcher" is stalking a house in New Jersey.
  • June 26 Hour 2

    Toucher & Rich read some scouting reports on the players the Celtics drafted. The Bruins are involved in multiple trade rumors with the NHL Draft being held Friday night.
  • June 26 Hour 1

    Fred is back from being sick. Last night was his 10th anniversary with his wife. Adolfo is on Pinterest. Toucher & Rich get you caught up on everything that happened last night, including the NBA Draft, the Red Sox loss and more.
  • Danny Ainge Interview

    Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge called in to discuss what prevented the Celtics from making a big deal in the NBA draft.
  • Toucher: Red Sox Ruined Joe Kelly & Allen Craig

    On the heels of the Red Sox sending Joe Kelly down to Triple-A, Toucher & Rich began re-examining the John Lackey trade from last summer with the Cardinals.
  • Mike Gorman On Celtics Draft

    Toucher & Rich had on the voice of the Celtics and CSNNE broadcaster Mike Gorman Friday morning. It was a disappointing NBA Draft night for Celtics fans. Mike Gorman tries to talk us off the ledge and explain some of the team's decision making.
  • Thursday, June 25th
  • June 25 Hour 4

    Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated called in. Patrice Bergeron won the Selke at the NHL Awards. A guy in Florida recorded his doctors while he was undergoing a colonoscopy. Was Tom Brady impressive or not at his appeal hearing?
  • Chris Mannix Interview

    SI's Chris Mannix joined the show to preview the NBA Draft.
  • June 25 Hour 3

    The Toucher & Rich Draft rolled on Thursday morning with Best Movie Fight Scenes. Joe Haggerty of CSNNE called in to talk some Bruins. The NHL Awards had plenty of unintended comedy, including an appearance from Cam Neely.
  • Joe Haggerty on Milan Lucic Rumors

    On Toucher & Rich Thursday morning, Rich and Wallach (with Fred out sick) talked to CSNNE's Joe Haggerty about his latest column. Haggs wrote yesterday that the Bruins are dangling Milan Lucic out there in trade talks in the hopes of getting a top-four defenseman. All that and more.
  • Best Movie Fight Scenes

    On Toucher & Rich Thursday morning, Rich, Wallach and Mike Lockhart (Fred is out sick) made their picks and selected the best movie fight scenes. It's up to you to decide who drafted the best.
  • June 25 Hour 2

    Kevin O'Connor of SB Nation called in to preview the NBA Draft, including some trade rumors around the league. The NHL was a star-studded affair. Milan Lucic is rumored to be on the trading block.
  • June 25 Hour 1

    Rich's diet is going well. He only eats 4 burritos a week now. Rich and Wallach (Fred is out sick) get you caught up on everything that happened last night, including the Red Sox win, NBA trade rumors and more.
  • Kevin O'Connor of SB Nation

    Rich and Wallach (with Fred out sick) interviewed NBA Draft expert Kevin O'Connor to get the lay of the land, including the latest rumors involving the Celtics, DeMarcus Cousins, Kevin Love and more.
  • Wednesday, June 24th
  • June 24 Hour 4

    A Sports Illustrated writer doesn't like watching women's sports. Michael Hurley of CBS Boston joined the guys in studio to talk about the Tom Brady appeal and what lies ahead. The Denver Broncos may have tried to trade Peyton Manning to Houston.
  • June 24 Hour 3

    The Confederate flag has been a point of contention recently, so Rich went back in the archives and played audio from the time he interviewed rednecks at a Lynyrd Skynyrd book signing. Albert Breer of the NFL Network called in, plus there's more audio from Rich interviewing rednecks at a Georgia Wal Mart.
  • June 24 Hour 2

    Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe called in. The NHL Board of Governors made an important decision about the overtime rules.
  • June 24 Hour 1

    The first medical marijuana dispensary is opening today in Massachusetts. Toucher & Rich get you caught up on everything that happened last night, including the Red Sox loss, the Tom Brady appeal, the Wallach Head at NFL headquarters and more. The Royals and Rays have something in common that could be a new trend in MLB.
  • Michael Hurley Interview's Michael Hurley joined Toucher & Rich to discuss what Roger Goodell may decide about Tom Brady.
  • Albert Breer Interview

    NFL Network's Albert Breer joined Toucher & Rich to discuss Tom Brady's appeal hearing with Roger Goodell.
  • Gary Washburn On NBA Draft, Celtics Trade Rumors

    Toucher & Rich received a Celtics NBA Draft preview on Wednesday morning from Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe. Boston needs a Willie Cauley-Stein type, but the Kentucky center has some red flags. Do the C's have enough to trade for DeMarcus Cousins? All that and more.
  • Adolfo Travels To NYC For Brady Appeal

    Toucher & Rich sent Adolfo Gonzalez to NFL headquarters in New York City armed with just a bus ticket and the Wallach Head to be there for Tom Brady's appeal. Adolfo tells the story of his trip down there.
  • Tuesday, June 23rd
  • June 23 Hour 4

    Toucher & Rich are sending Adolfo and the Wallach head to New York for the Tom Brady appeal. Matt Snyder of CBS Sports called in to talk MLB. The NHL Awards promises to be another star studded affair.
  • June 23 Hour 3

    Dan Roche of WBZ-TV called in. Another edition of 'What's In Your Stack?' Nerds are losing it. Toucher & Rich preview the NBA Draft. It's madness outside the NFL headquarters in NYC.
  • June 23 Hour 2

    Adolfo had a rap battle with MC Esoteric. Pete Abraham of the Boston Globe called in. T&R play some funny audio when the Patriots got their rings. The Celtics are looking to get into the top 10 in the NBA Draft.
  • Matt Snyder of CBS Sports

    Toucher & Rich talked some baseball on Tuesday with Matt Snyder of CBS Sports, most notably the Cardinals hacking scandal that doesn't seem to be getting a lot of play around the country.
  • June 23 Hour 1

    Toucher, Rich and Wallach had fun at the Sports Hub golf tournament yesterday. Do you have to tip at full service gas stations? T&R get you caught up on everything that happened last night, including P. Diddy getting arrested and more.
  • Dan Roche Interview

    Toucher & Rich had on WBZ-TV's Dan Roche Tuesday morning to talk some Red Sox and life in general.
  • Pete Abraham Interview

    Toucher & Rich talked to the Boston Globe's Pete Abraham about Hanley Ramirez irking teammates, the struggles of Rick Porcello, John Farrell's recent lineup switch, the possibility of trading Clay Buchholz and much more.
  • Monday, June 22nd
  • Flynn On Films: Movies That Helped You Become A Man

    Hardy and Mike Flynn, filling in for Toucher & Rich on Monday, talked about Flynn's love of movies. Flynn is a big movie buff, so Hardy had him rank his top 5 films that helped him figure out how to become a man.
  • Who The Hell Is Marshall Hook?

    Hardy and Mike Flynn, filling in for Toucher & Rich, had the pleasure of having Marshall Hook do the headlines on Monday. But who the hell is he? Hardy and Flynn played a little game with listener Otto to get to know the man better.
  • Flynn On Films: Scary Dad Movies

    Hardy and Mike Flynn, filling in for Toucher & Rich on Monday, talked about Flynn's love of movies. Flynn is a big movie buff, so Hardy had him rank his top 5 scary dad movies.
  • Ben Volin On Tom Brady's Appeal

    Hardy and Mike Flynn, filling in for Toucher & Rich on Monday, spoke with Ben Volin of the Boston Globe about Tom Brady's appeal taking place tomorrow with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. What is his best course of action? What's the best case scenario? All that and more.
  • What Happened Last Night

    Hardy and Mike Flynn, filling in for Toucher & Rich, discuss everything that happened last night, including the drama of the U.S. Open and the Red Sox taking two out of three in Kansas City.
  • Friday, June 19th
  • June 19 Hour 4

    7L and Esoteric continued to hang out in studio with Toucher & Rich. There's new audio from Adolfo at the gay pride parade. LeBron James does not respect his coach. Tom Brady donated his appearance money to charity.
  • June 19 Hour 3

    7L and Esoteric appeared in studio with Toucher & Rich from 8am until the end of the show. Adolfo and Esoteric squared off in a rap battle. Brian MacPherson of the Providence Journal called in to talk some Red Sox.
  • June 19 Hour 2

    Albert Breer of the NFL Network called in. Toucher & Rich talk about pandamonium on the Red Sox. We find out who won the T&R Draft from yesterday about who assembled the best crew of Sports Hub personalities.
  • June 19 Hour 1

    Dick Flavin has a poetry book coming out. Sean McAdam of CSNNE talked to Toucher & Rich about the Red Sox before he boarded a plane. T&R get you caught up on everything that happened last night.
  • T&R: Esoteric In Studio

    Toucher & Rich were joined by rapper Esoteric and DJ 7L in studio Friday morning. Esoteric talked about coming up in the rap game, working with Inspectah Deck on the Czarface album, the difficulty of making samples in today's day and age, the lyrical stylings of Stitches, Pitbull and much more.
  • Adolfo vs. Esoteric

    Toucher & Rich hosted a rap battle in studio Friday morning with Adolfo Gonzalez and Esoteric. I'm sure you can guess who won. Take a listen!
  • Chicken & Beer 2.0?

    Sean McAdam of CSNNE called Toucher & Rich early Friday morning at the Atlanta airport before he takes off to cover the Sox again in Kansas City. McAdam discussed the Red Sox benching Pablo Sandoval for using Instagram during a game, the Kansas City Royals stuffing the All-Star Game ballot box and much more.
  • Albert Breer Interview

    For the latest news around the NFL, Toucher & Rich talked to Albert Breer of the NFL Network. The guys talked about favorites in the AFC, Dez Bryant holding out, Russell Wilson's contract negotiations, Tom Brady's appeal and more.
  • Thursday, June 18th
  • June 18 Hour 4

    Adolfo met some interesting people at the Boston gay pride parade. Sally Jenks of the Washington Post wrote a scathing column about the NFL. The Cardinals hacking of the Astros is not getting any attention on ESPN. Shocker. The Golden State Warriors are in love with the coco.
  • June 18 Hour 3

    Pablo Sandoval celebrates minor accomplishments. Was he a marketing signing or a baseball signing? Toucher & Rich also talked to former MLB player and baseball author Dirk Hayhurst. Johnny Manziel has changed his ways.
  • June 18 Hour 2

    Ben Volin of the Boston Globe called in to talk some Patriots. The Toucher & Rich Draft continued with Sports Hub personalities you'd like to party with. Listeners called in with their T&R draft picks.
  • June 18 Hour 1

    Pablo Sandoval thinks pandamonium is alive and well. Toucher & Rich get you caught up on everything that happened last night, including the Red Sox loss, manager John Farrell's ejection and more. ESPN is becoming a less desirable TV channel according to a new poll.
  • Dirk Hayhurst Interview

    Former MLB player and author Dirk Hayhurst, one of Toucher & Rich's favorite interviews, called in Thursday morning to talk about the usefulness of team meetings, the relative ease it takes to be a manager in the big leagues, the difficulty of a manager asserting authority, Pablo Sandoval asking for a meaningless milestone baseball and much more.
  • T&R Draft: Sports Hub Personalities

    If you were assembling a crew of three personalities at 98.5 The Sports Hub, who would you draft? Toucher, Rich and Wallach drafted this category on Thursday morning.
  • Ben Volin Interview

    Toucher & Rich talked to Ben Volin of the Boston Globe about the Patriots and their spring practices coming to an early close yesterday. Volin talked about the positional battles at running back, cornerback and more.
  • Wednesday, June 17th
  • June 17 Hour 4

    Toucher & Rich talked to Chris Mannix of SI about the NBA Finals. The T&R Draft continued with "Biggest Flashes In The Pan" in honor of Matthew Dellavedova. Rachel Dolezal is nutty, and her dad keeps calling BS on her.
  • Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated

    Toucher & Rich talked to SI's Chris Mannix on Wednesday about the NBA Finals and some Celtics pre-draft talk.
  • June 16 Hour 3

    Adolfo was down around Fenway speaking to the people for another Drunken Red Sox recap. Israel Fehr of Yahoo! Sports called in to talk about the latest with the FBI's investigation of the St. Louis Cardinals. T&R called the Hot Take Police on Bill Plashcke of the LA Times. Tom Brady got paid a ton of money to speak at Salem State.
  • Biggest Flash In The Pans

    In honor of Cavaliers guard Matthew Dellavedova being the hottest thing in sports for all of 36 hours, the Toucher & Rich Draft continued on Wednesday morning with the "Biggest Flash In The Pans" category.
  • Hot Take Police

    Toucher & Rich spent some time Wednesday morning discussing the criminal allegations of the St. Louis Cardinals, but were forced to call the Hot Take Police after reading Bill Plaschke's latest column in the Los Angeles Times.
  • Israel Fehr of Yahoo! Sports

    For the latest on the St. Louis Cardinals and the FBI's investigation into their alleged illegal hacking of the Houston Astros, Toucher & Rich had on Israel Fehr of Yahoo! Sports' Big League Stew blog.
  • Andy Baskin of 92.3 The Fan in Cleveland

    Toucher & Rich had on Andy Baskin from the sister station in Cleveland, who explains what the reaction has been like in his city after another season goes by without a championship. Is Cleveland the favorite next year? Will Kevin Love return? All that and more.
  • June 17 Hour 1

    Toucher & Rich get you caught up on everything that happened last night, including the Red Sox win, the NBA Finals, the St. Louis Cardinals allegedly breaking the law and more.