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  • Friday, April 24th
  • April 24 Hour 4

    Sean McAdam of CSNNE called in. Brian Scalabrine called in and we learned he drives a mini cooper. The new trailer for Black Mass starring Johnny Depp as Whitey Bulger is out.
  • April 24 Hour 3

    Adolfo Makes The Call. Jeremy Renner and Chris Evans are in hot water for slut shaming a fictional character. President Obama cracked some jokes at the White House. The Cavs are just too good. Can they be beaten?
  • April 24 Hour 2

    Albert Breer of the NFL Network called in. Adolfo was caught Googling "fun spoons." Tom Brady skipped the White House visit.
  • April 24 Hour 1

    The Wallach Head invaded the Felger & Mazz show. Toucher & Rich get you caught up on everything that happened last night, including the Celtics and Red Sox losses. Ticket prices for Mayweather-Pacquiao are insane and there are virtually no hotel rooms left in Vegas for that weekend.
  • Thursday, April 23rd
  • April 23 Hour 4

    Danny Ainge called in. Comedian Nick Kroll joined the guys in studio. Fred's wife explains why she quit Facebook.
  • April 23 Hour 3

    Toucher & Rich debut a new game involving Cedric Maxwell and his love of food. For the Dallas perspective of what's going on with Rajon Rondo, Toucher & Rich welcomed in Mavericks play-by-play announcer Jeff Wade. Jon Wallach can't lie: he loves big butts. Chris Rock has some thoughts on baseball.
  • April 23 Hour 2

    Jameis Winston explained the crab legs situation to Jim Harbaugh. Fred, Rich and Wallach talk about the times they've shoplifted stuff. Fred and Wallach are refusing to buy Mayweather vs. Pacquiao. Rich will watch it.
  • Comedian Nick Kroll In Studio

    Toucher & Rich were joined by Nick Kroll in studio Thursday morning, who's in town promoting his new movie 'Adult Beginners'. Kroll talked about his show on Comedy Central that just came to an end, his favorite athletes he worked with on 'The League' and much more.
  • Danny Ainge Interview

    With the Celtics trailing the Cavaliers 2-0, team president Danny Ainge talked with Toucher & Rich about the series.
  • Cedric Snaxwell

    Toucher & Rich played a new game on Thursday morning. A listener called in trying to win Celtics tickets by listening to a clip of a C's broadcast and guessing how many seconds until Cedric Maxwell references food.
  • Early Morning Therapy

    The Toucher & Rich Show underwent necessary therapy to start the show Thursday morning. Adolfo and Rich voiced their differences with one another. Fred insists he's the favorite on the staff.
  • April 23 Hour 1

    The Toucher & Rich show started the day with some therapy, then they get you caught up on everything that happened last night, including Joe Kelly imploding in the sixth inning in Tampa Bay.
  • Wednesday, April 22nd
  • April 22 Hour 4

    Fred hates the new ESPN website. There were multiple hour long shows on the NFL schedule release last night. Rondo played just 10 minutes last night for Dallas. Jameis Winston laughed at his crying high school coach. Rich tells the story of when he made a teacher cry. The Patriots travel to Dallas in Week 5, which is the same week as the Texas State Fair. The guys want to do a show field trip.
  • April 22 Hour 3

    Is it illegal to ride in the back of a truck? Toucher & Rich play another edition of Adolfo Makes The Call. CSNNE's Mike Gorman called in to talk Celtics-Cavaliers.
  • Gorman On Toucher & Rich

    Don't write off the Celtics just yet, says CSNNE's Mike Gorman. Listen to his full interview from Toucher & Rich Wednesday morning.
  • April 22 Hour 2

    Fred explains why he thinks Julian Edelman is a douche. Ben Volin of the Boston Globe called in to talk some Patriots. Jay Feely said some awful things about Tim Tebow on Rome.
  • Adolfo Makes The Call With Jon Wallach

    Toucher & Rich came to the realization that Adolfo Gonzalez is just not fit for play-by-play broadcasting, so they figure why not give color analysis a shot? The morning show's resident broadcaster Jon Wallach ran play-by-play while Adolfo did his best Cedric Maxwell impression for the NBA Playoffs.
  • April 22 Hour 1

    Toucher and Rich get you caught up on everything that happened last night, including the Celtics loss, the Red Sox win, Ludacris' filmography and more.
  • Volin Reacts To Patriots Schedule

    Toucher & Rich talked to Ben Volin of the Boston Globe Wednesday morning, who had some thoughts on the Patriots 2015 schedule and the upcoming NFL Draft.
  • Tuesday, April 21st
  • April 21 Hour 4

    CSNNE's Trenni Kusnierek joined Toucher & Rich in studio for the 9 o'clock hour to talk about how she did running the Boston Marathon. Toucher & Rich talk about everything they couldn't get to in 'The Stack.'