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  • Tuesday, May 26th
  • May 26 Hour 4

    Toucher & Rich talk to CBS Sports' Matt Moore about the NBA Playoffs. Jaromir Jagr says David Pastrnak will carry the torch for the Czech Republic once he's retired. A new website has ruined some of Rich's favorite restaurant establishments in Boston.
  • May 26 Hour 3

    Toucher & Rich talked to a Patriots fan that was at the 'Free Tom Brady' rally on Sunday and then played audio from the gathering. The Boston Globe's Pete Abraham called in to talk some Red Sox. The Miami Marlins held an event for fans to meet players and not one player showed up. Vin Scully told a funny story about Jonny Gomes.
  • May 26 Hour 2

    Dan Roche of WBZ-TV called in to talk some baseball. The Toucher & Rich Draft continued with Best Summer Movies. Hardy called in to gripe about one of Rich's picks.
  • May 26 Hour 1

    Fred is done taking his kids to places like farms for leisure. Rich gets you caught up on everything that happened last night. The '19 Kids and Counting' family is in hot water.
  • Dan Roche Calls In

    Toucher & Rich had on WBZ-TV's Dan Roche to talk some Red Sox, including the terrible outing from Joe Kelly and more.
  • Best Summer Movies

    Toucher & Rich had another Draft on Tuesday morning, this time it was the Best Summer Movies. Later on in the hour some controversy ensued with one of Rich's picks.
  • Friday, May 22nd
  • May 22 Hour 4

    In the final hour of Friday's show, Toucher & Rich talked to Sean McAdam, had some more fun at the expense of Raiders owner Mark Davis and got to everything they couldn't get to during the show in The Stack.
  • Sean McAdam On T&R

    Toucher & Rich talk to Sean McAdam about which current MLB players are Hall of Fame bound if they retired today or within next two years. Afterwards they got into Red Sox talk, including the struggling offense and the starting pitching turnaround.
  • May 22 Hour 3

    Toucher & Rich talk to Albert Breer of the NFL Network about Mark Davis, and how the NFL does not want him owning a team in Los Angeles. Aaron Hernandez has a new tattoo. A listener who works at a prison called in to explain how inmates receive prison tats. Julian Edelman posted a shirtless, hunky workout video online.
  • May 22 Hour 2

    Jon Wallach is all fired up about the Red Sox and their struggles. Toucher & Rich sent Adolfo out on the street with a picture of Raiders owner Mark Davis, and had him ask people what they thought he did for a living. The answers are priceless.
  • What Does This Guy Do For A Living?

    Toucher & Rich sent Adolfo out on the streets with a picture of Raiders owner Mark Davis, and had him ask them what they think he does for a living. The answers are hysterical.
  • May 22 Hour 1

    Toucher & Rich share the story about a psycho dentist in Florida, then get you caught up on everything that happened last night, including the Red Sox loss, the NBA and NHL playoffs, and the Grand Prix that's coming to Boston.
  • Thursday, May 21st
  • May 21 Hour 4

    Don Sweeney is already a better interview than Peter Chiarelli. Toucher & Rich react to the Roger Goodell press conference from yesterday. Angry Dick Flavin called in.
  • May 21 Hour 3

    Last night was David Letterman's final show. Toucher & Rich talked to CBS Boston's Michael Hurley and then new Bruins GM Don Sweeney.
  • May 21 Hour 2

    On Hour 2 of Toucher & Rich, CSNNE's Joe Haggerty called in. Rodney from Boston did not win Survivor, unfortunately. Lastly, the guys played some interesting highlights from the Don Sweeney introductory press conference.
  • May 21 Hour 1

    Fred and Rich talk about some of their favorite David Letterman moments, plus get you caught up on everything that happened last night.
  • Michael Hurley On Roger Goodell's Dishonest Press Conference's Michael Hurley joined T&R to discuss the lies that Roger Goodell told at his press conference in San Francisco.
  • Don Sweeney On T&R

    The new Bruins general manager, Don Sweeney, was a guest of the Toucher & Rich show Thursday morning one day after being appointed to the position. Sweeney covered a number of topics, including his relationship with Cam Neely, tough decisions facing the team, style-of-play preference and more.
  • Haggs: Don Sweeney Wasn't Charlie Jacobs' First Choice

    Toucher & Rich talked to Joe Haggerty of CSNNE Thursday morning about new Bruins general manager Don Sweeney, and how there was differing opinions about the man inside Boston's front office.
  • Wednesday, May 20th
  • May 20 Hour 4

    Toucher & Rich talked to Angels pitcher and friend of the show CJ Wilson. The Bruins officially hired Don Sweeney as general manager. David Letterman's last show is tonight.
  • May 20 Hour 1

    Toucher & Rich get you caught up on everything that happened last night, including the Red Sox win, a header goal in the NHL playoffs and more.
  • May 20 Hour 3

    Michael Starr and Lexi Foxx of the band Steel Panther joined Toucher & Rich in studio. Robert Kraft decided to end, not extend, the rhetoric coming from his team.
  • Steel Panther In Studio

    Toucher & Rich were joined in studio by Michael Starr and Lexxi Foxx from the band Steel Panther on Wednesday morning.
  • May 20 Hour 2

    Toucher & Rich take you to the Armpits of America. Credible NFL insiders reported that Robert Kraft and Roger Goodell hugged. Fred thinks Kraft miscalculated the entire situation and Rich understands why Patriots fans are upset.
  • Tuesday, May 19th
  • May 19 Hour 4

    The Toucher & Rich Draft returned. Boston Marathon survivor Jared Clowery joined T&R in studio to talk about his upcoming reality show. Ray Lewis is releasing a memoir later this year.
  • May 19 Hour 3

    Armpits Of America returned. Albert Breer of the NFL Network called in. Toucher & Rich talked about the extra point proposals.
  • Best Television Finale

    Toucher & Rich brought back the T&R Draft on Tuesday, where Fred, Rich and Wallach pick the best TV show finales of all time. Who drafted the best team? Listen and play along!
  • Breer Calls In

    Toucher & Rich talked to Albert Breer of the NFL Network about the Patriots and DeflateGate and what can transpire at the spring meetings in San Francisco with all the owners present.
  • May 19 Hour 2

    Matt Light turned heel at Rob Ninkovich's charity ping pong tournament. Pete Abraham of the Boston Globe called in. The Patriots and the NFL are in "back channel conversations" regarding the DeflateGate punishment. Fred would be pissed if he were another NFL owner.
  • May 19 Hour 1

    Gary Tanguay is bad at Twitter. Fred, Rich and Wallach get you caught up on everything that happened last night, including "back channel conversations" between the Patriots and the NFL, the Marlins doing Marlins things and more.
  • Pete Abraham On Struggling Sox

    Toucher & Rich talked to the Boston Globe's Pete Abraham Tuesday morning about the struggling Red Sox. Mike Napoli cannot break out of his slump, Pablo Sandoval can't hit left-handers, David Ortiz can't hit either and Mookie Betts has sub-par stats for a leadoff hitter. Will Rusney Castillo be called up soon? All that and more.
  • Monday, May 18th
  • May 18 Hour 4

    Avery Bradley of the Celtics called in. Fred has a complaint about Facebook. Bill Belichick does not need cornerbacks, apparently.
  • Avery Bradley Interview

    Toucher & Rich caught up with Celtics guard Avery Bradley Monday morning, who said he would welcome a Paul Pierce return to Boston and also gave some information about his upcoming basketball camp.
  • May 18 Hour 3

    Dan Roche of WBZ-TV called in to talk some Red Sox. David Lee Roth can't sing anymore and it's ruining Fred's memory of Van Halen. Rich did not care for the show Mad Men.
  • Dan Roche Calls In

    Toucher & Rich talked some Red Sox with Dan Roche of WBZ-TV Monday morning.
  • May 18 Hour 2

    Robert Kraft gave his thoughts on DeflateGate to Peter King. Labor attorney Shannon Liss-Riordan called in to talk about the chances of Tom Brady getting his suspension overturned. Fred has never seen his father in shorts. Norm Macdonald gave an emotional tribute to David Letterman.
  • May 18 Hour 1

    Fred has a case of the yips. Toucher, Rich and Wallach get you caught up on everything that happened last night, including a Red Sox loss and the Clippers imploding. An article on ESPN Insider dissects the run blocking abilities of the Buffalo Bills.
  • Labor Attorney Shannon Liss-Riordan

    Toucher & Rich talked to a labor attorney Monday morning about the Tom Brady case and the chances of having his suspension overturned on appeal. According to Shannon Liss-Riordan, based on the Adrian Peterson case, Tom Brady could have it thrown out.
  • Friday, May 15th
  • May 15 Hour 4

    Dic Donahue is back to work and he received a promotion too. Sean McAdam of CSNNE called in. Bill Cosby is still doing interviews for some reason.
  • May 15 Hour 3

    Toucher & Rich play audio of Jon Wallach on the Amy Lawrence show. Ben Volin of the Boston Globe called in. Jim McNally is fat.
  • May 15 Hour 2

    A listener called in to disagree with Fred even though they agreed on every point. Rob Ninkovich called in. Former Dolphins offensive line coach Jim Turner hates Ted Wells.
  • May 15 Hour 1

    Now that Rich is back the guys get him caught up on everything that he missed, and then talk about everything that happened last night.
  • Sean McAdam From Seattle

    Toucher & Rich talked to CSNNE Red Sox reporter Sean McAdam Friday morning, who is in Seattle covering the team. McAdam touched on Shane Victorino, the continued uncertainty of the pitching staff, Pablo Sandoval and more.
  • Rob Ninkovich Interview

    Toucher & Rich talked to Patriots defensive end Rob Ninkovich on Friday morning about his upcoming charity event and the ongoing DeflateGate saga.
  • Thursday, May 14th
  • May 14 Hour 4

    Fred receives feedback on his Larry Flynt impression. Albert Breer defends Peter King, whom Fred dislikes. Mike Francesa didn't care for the new Avengers movie.
  • May 14 Hour 3

    Albert Breer of the NFL Network joined Toucher & Wallach in studio to answer all your questions about DeflateGate, the appeal process for Brady and the Patriots, and much more.
  • Toucher & Rich Trivia

    Wallach and Adolfo square off in a round of trivia to see who has more knowledge about Boston's popular morning show. If Wallach loses, he must play "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" during the 7th inning stretch of the Boston College baseball game on Saturday. High stakes here, folks.
  • May 14 Hour 2

    Albert Breer of the NFL Network joined Toucher and Wallach in studio. Wallach was very mad at Fred yesterday. Wallach and Adolfo square off in a round of Toucher & Rich trivia. Who won?
  • May 14 Hour 1

    Rob Gronkowski lost the Madden cover vote to Odell Beckham Jr. Fred maintains that Peyton Hillis was only on the Madden cover because of his skin color. Fred and Jon Wallach get you caught up on everything that happened last night, including the Red Sox win and NBA and NHL playoffs.
  • Wednesday, May 13th
  • May 13 Hour 4

    Mike Francesa flipped out on a caller defending Tom Brady. Ryan Wilson of CBS Sports called in. Somebody started a GoFundMe account to pay for the Patriots' $1 million fine.
  • May 13 Hour 3

    Wallach doesn't want to play ball with Fred's Boston College baseball idea. Fred, Dan Roche and Wallach play audio from Ted Wells' conference call and react. Later in the hour the guys played audio from Roche's interview with Pedro Martinez.
  • May 13 Hour 2

    What's next for Tom Brady and Robert Kraft? Is an appeal coming? Lawsuit? Also, Albert Breer of the NFL Network called in.
  • May 13 Hour 1

    Dan Roche is filling in for Rich again. Fred unveils a new impression he's been working on. Fred, Roche and Wallach get you caught up on everything that happened last night, including Justin Masterson's inability to pitch, the NBA and NHL playoffs and more. Oh, and they took some calls on DeflateGate.
  • Tuesday, May 12th
  • May 12 Hour 4

    The NFL Network keeps trotting out ex-Patriots to weigh in on DeflateGate punishment. Dan Roche is a radio professional. Zolak is fired up.
  • May 12 Hour 3

    Dan Roche, filling in for Rich, is fired up about the DeflateGate punishment. Albert Breer of the NFL Network called in. Fred, Wallach and Roche take more calls.
  • Ben Volin On Patriots Punishment

    Toucher, Dan Roche and Jon Wallach had on Ben Volin of the Boston Globe Tuesday morning to weigh in on the heavy punishment issued to the Patriots by the NFL.
  • May 12 Hour 2

    Dean Blandino, the VP of NFL Officiating, lied about DeflateGate. Ben Volin of the Boston Globe called in. Fred, Dan Roche and Wallach took calls on DeflateGate. Why are Roger Goodell's punishments so arbitrary?
  • May 12 Hour 1

    The Patriots were hammered by the NFL yesterday for their role in DeflateGate. Tom Brady was suspended four games and the Patriots were fined $1 million and docked two draft picks. Fred Toucher, Dan Roche and Jon Wallach react to the news and take calls.
  • Monday, May 11th
  • May 11 Hour 4

    Toucher, Roche and Wallach took calls on DeflateGate. Fred asked Roche about his upcoming Cape Cod vacation.
  • May 11 Hour 3

    Wallach and Dan Roche square off in a sports trivia battle. Fred and the guys then talked about the latest in DeflateGate and took some calls.