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Toucher & Rich

Toucher & Rich

Fred Toucher & Rich Shertenlieb, weekday mornings from 6 to 10 on 98.5 The Sports Hub.
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  • Thursday, July 24th
  • Toucher & Rich: July 24 Hour 4

    WBZ-TV's Dan Roche called in from Patriots training camp, Jon Lester and the Red Sox have officially tabled contract talks until the end of the season and Bill Belichick is up to his lip-smacking ways.
  • Toucher & Rich: July 24 Hour 3

    Red Sox catcher David Ross joined the show, T&R reacted to the latest WEEI controversy and USA Today published the odds of the Red Sox making the playoffs. Spoiler alert: they're not good at all.
  • Toucher & Rich: July 24 Hour 2

    The guys replayed the Dan Aykroyd interview from yesterday, talked about expectations for the Patriots this year, Brian Windhorst loving LeBron James and why Adolfo never answers the phones.
  • Toucher & Rich: July 24 Hour 1

    Rich gives us an update on his wife Mary. The Red Sox winning surge appears to be over after losing their second game in a row last night and a poor outing from Clay Buchholz.
  • Toucher & Rich: You Don't Need To Act In Radio

    The latest WEEI controversy with one of their morning hosts prompted this response from Toucher & Rich...
  • Toucher & Rich: Red Sox Catcher David Ross

    Veteran catcher David Ross is dealing with plantar fasciitis at the moment but doesn't expect to go on the disabled list. He also told T&R that everyone on the Red Sox loves Jake Peavy, but understand the business side too if he were to be traded. That and much more.
  • Wednesday, July 23rd
  • Toucher & Rich: July 23 Hour 4

    Comedic actor Dan Aykroyd called in. Breer previewed the AFC South. Tim Tebow is making another comeback. The Jets announced a new rewards program for their fans.
  • Toucher & Rich: July 23 Hour 3

    Breer previews the AFC East. Bill Belichick announces Rob Gronkowski has been cleared to play. Breer gets mad at the reporters for not asking relevant enough questions in Belichick's first presser.
  • Toucher & Rich: July 23 Hour 2

    Albert Breer previews the AFC West, Marcell Dareus failed his conditioning test so Breer tried to do one himself. Breer also previewed the AFC North.
  • Toucher & Rich: July 23 Hour 1

    Bert Breer filled in for Rich in studio. He just got back from Buffalo training camp and travels to West Virginia next for Saints camp. The Red Sox snapped their winning streak last night and Brian Windhorst loves LeBron. Like really, really loves LeBron.
  • Toucher & Rich: Albert Breer Previews The AFC South

    Will Andrew Luck be a top 5 QB in 2014? How will the Texans fare under first year head coach Bill O'Brien? Albert Breer previews the AFC South with Toucher & Rich.
  • Toucher & Rich: Dan Aykroyd Interview

    The legendary comedic actor came on the show to talk about his new movie, his vodka, Ghostbusters III and much more!
  • Toucher & Rich: Albert Breer Previews The AFC East

    The Patriots reign supreme, but which of the other three teams is poised to make some noise? Albert Breer of the NFL Network dives in.
  • Toucher & Rich: Albert Breer Previews The AFC North

    Will Johnny Manziel start Week 1? Is there a lack of leadership in Baltimore? Can the Bengals make that next step? What do we make of the Steelers? Albert Breer examines.
  • Toucher & Rich: Albert Breer Previews The AFC West

    The Broncos got better, the Chargers are relatively the same and the Raiders are the Raiders. Will the Chiefs fall back to earth? Breer investigates.
  • Tuesday, July 22nd
  • Toucher & Rich: July 22 Hour 4

    Tim Welsh joined the show to talk Celtics offseason, including the signing of Evan Turner and the latest with Kevin Love. Who's Tweeting Nonsense? The NBA wants a mid-season tournament. Johnny Manziel has the best selling NFL jersey of 2014.
  • Toucher & Rich: July 22 Hour 3

    Adolfo went to a local comic book store for another edition of 'What's In Your Stack?' and Rob Long of 105.7 The Fan in Baltimore came on to talk about the Ravens and Orioles.
  • Toucher & Rich: July 22 Hour 2

    The guys revisted the Albert Breer interview from yesterday and how it made news for no reason in this slow time of the summer. Tony Dungy is a hypocrite.
  • Toucher & Rich: July 22 Hour 1

    Why are all sportswriters Springsteen fans? The guys discussed everything that happened last night.
  • Toucher & Rich: Tim Welsh

    Basketball analyst Tim Welsh joined T&R Tuesday morning to discuss the Evan Turner signing for the Celtics, the latest with Kevin Love and much more.