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The Adam Jones Show

The Adam Jones Show

Adam Jones, heard weeknights 7pm to midnight on 98.5 The Sports Hub.
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  • Friday, August 1st
  • The Adam Jones Show: John Hickey

    For the Bay Area view on the Lester trade Keefe checks in with John Hickey of the Oakland Tribune
  • The Adam Jones Show: Keefer Madness

    Rich Keefe reviews the second installment of Sharknado: Sharknado 2: The Second One
  • The Adam Jones Show: Game of Jones - Role Play Thursday

    Rich Keefe fills in as Adam Jones as Jon Lester, Jon Maddon and more on this edition of Role Play Thursday
  • The Adam Jones Show: Tim Britton

    Tim Britton of the Providence Journal joins Rich Keefe to dissect the moves made by the Red Sox at the trade deadline
  • Wednesday, July 30th
  • The Adam Jones Show: Keefer Madness

    Rich adds the beaver to the list of animals who want to kill you
  • The Adam Jones Show: Doug Miller

    Doug Miller of talks to Rich Keefe on the eve of the MLB trade deadline
  • The Adam Jones Show: Game of Jones - Over/Under

    Rich Keefe fills in for Jones on this week's Over/Under
  • The Adam Jones Show: Tim Whelan

    Tim Whelan of the Metro West Daily News joins Rich Keefe to talk Patriots football
  • Tuesday, July 29th
  • Patriots Claim Injured Panthers RB Off Waivers, But Did Belichick Break An Unwritten NFL Rule?

    Adam Jones, Dave Goucher, Jon Wallach and Ben Volin of the Boston Globe discuss.
  • The Adam Jones Show: Red Sox Are Open For Business

    CSNNE's Sean McAdam joined the show with the MLB trade deadline fast approaching. Jon Lester, Andrew Miller, and now John Lackey are all on the trading block and McAdam goes over all the trade scenarios for Boston.
  • The Adam Jones Show: Keefer Madness

    WWE champion Daniel Bryan detains robber until police arrive
  • The Adam Jones Show: Dayn Perry

    Perry talks Red Sox before trade deadline
  • The Adam Jones Show: Game of Jones - Buy or Sell

    Game of Jones - Buy or Sell
  • The Adam Jones Show: Michael Hurley

    Hurley talks Patriots during training camp.
  • Monday, July 28th
  • The Adam Jones Show: Physicality On Full Display Early In Patriots Camp

    Shalise Manza Young of the Boston Globe called in to discuss the nastiness of the Patriots defense so far in camp. That and much more.
  • The Adam Jones Show: Peter Abraham

    Rays pitcher Chris Archer is a hypocrite for calling out David Ortiz for showboating. The trade deadline is just days away now and the Red Sox are open for business.
  • Saturday, July 26th
  • The Adam Jones Show: Robert Klemko

    Robert Klemko of SI and Monday Morning QB joins the program to talk football
  • The Adam Jones Show: Game of Jones - Fill in the Blank

    another edition of Fill in the Blank Friday
  • The Adam Jones Show: Mark Daniels

    Mark Daniels of the Providence Journal checks in with Jones after day 2 of Patriots camp
  • Friday, July 25th
  • The Adam Jones Show: Joe Sheehan

    Joe Sheehan talks Red Sox, including Lester and Boegarts