Before The Bell With Dave Caruso

Before The Bell With Dave Caruso

Financial updates and news for investors from Dave Caruso, ahead of Wall Street's opening bell.
  • Friday, August 26th
  • Market In A Cautious State

    Christine Armstrong, in this week for Dave, reports on the volatility rate.
  • Thursday, August 25th
  • Stock Market Holding Steady

    Christine Armstrong, in for Dave Caruso, reports weekly jobless claims drop.  Best numbers in 44 years.
  • Tuesday, August 23rd
  • Futures Open In The Green

    Christine Armstrong, in for Dave, reports on good news expected for new home sales numbers.
  • Monday, August 22nd
  • Recent Market Performance

    Evan Dangel (Executive Director of The Winter Street Group at Morgan Stanley) reports on market figures trending upwards in lieu of Brexit.
  • Friday, August 19th
  • Dow Opens Down

    Dave Caruso reports futures seeing red.
  • Thursday, August 18th
  • Interest Rates Hike Could Be On Hold

    Dave Caruso reports a drop in weekly jobless claims.
  • Tuesday, August 16th
  • Oil Rallys

    Dave Caruso reports on a relatively flat economic report.
  • Monday, August 15th
  • Sysco & Cisco

    Dave Caruso reports on Dow futures and trending stocks.
  • Friday, August 12th
  • A Stock Market Trifecta

    Dave Caruso reports on a rare record high for the Dow, S & P and the NASDAQ.
  • Tuesday, August 9th
  • Futures Improve Slightly On A Light Trading Day

    Dave Caruso reports stock news from retailers.
  • Friday, August 5th
  • Jobless Rate At 4.9%

    Christine Armstrong, in for Dave, reports on the strong jobs numbers.
  • Tuesday, August 2nd
  • Dow Opens Down

    Dave Caruso reports on mixed earnings. 
  • Monday, August 1st
  • Sluggish Economy

    Dave Caruso reports on overall slow activity and highlights Verizon's big acquistion.
  • Friday, July 29th
  • Oil Prices In Free Fall

    Dave Caruso reports revisions in economic numbers disappointing.
  • Thursday, July 28th
  • Markets React to Wednesday's Fed Comments

    Dave Caruso reports on the busiest day of the earnings season.
  • Tuesday, July 26th
  • Dow Slips A Little

    Dave Caruso reports home sales up but earnings off.
  • Monday, July 25th
  • A Lot Of Economic Data Due This Week

    Financial Editor Dave Caruso reports on the purchase of Yahoo by Verizon.
  • Friday, July 22nd
  • Dow Winning Streak Ends

    Dave Caruso reports on a busy earnings week with mixed results.
  • Thursday, July 21st
  • Dollar At 4 Month High

    Dave Caruso reports weekly jobless claims down slighty, GM earnings up.
  • Tuesday, July 19th
  • A Flat Start For The Dow

    Dave Caruso reports on good housing numbers but weak earnings for Yahoo, Neflix and B of A.
  • Monday, July 18th
  • Futures Nearing An All-Time High

    Dave Caruso looks ahead to housing starts and building permit numbers due out this week.
  • Wednesday, July 13th
  • Record Highs On Wall Street

    Dave Caruso previews numbers coming out for the Beige Book, Import Price Index and the Federal Budget.  
  • Tuesday, July 12th
  • Dow Up, Gold Down

    Dave Caruso reports on a couple of key economic numbers due out today.
  • Monday, July 11th
  • Dow Up, Oil Up

    Dave Caruso reports on futures looking good to start the week.
  • Thursday, July 7th
  • Low Inflation, Low Interest Rates

    Dave Caruso reports weekly jobless numbers improve.
  • Wednesday, July 6th
  • Market Slipping After Brexit Rebound

    Dave Caruso reports on the 10 year treasury at it's lowest level ever. 
  • Thursday, June 30th
  • 3rd Post Brexit Rally?

    Dave Caruso reports a slight increase in the weekly jobless claims.
  • Wednesday, June 29th
  • Dow Rallys for 2nd Day

    Dave Caruso reports personal income and spending are up.
  • Tuesday, June 28th
  • GDP Grows Slightly

    Dave Caruso reports on a rally by UK banks.
  • Wednesday, June 22nd
  • A Decent Week For Futures

    Dave Caruso has a mixed stocks review.
  • Tuesday, June 21st
  • Market In The Green

    Christine Armstrong, in for Dave, reports all eyes are on tomorrow's Brexit vote.
  • Monday, June 20th
  • Dow Up

    Dave Caruso reports on the surge in the Dow on news Brexit may not happen.
  • Thursday, June 16th
  • Another RockyDay On Wall Street

    Dave Caruso reports the economy showing signs of growth.
  • Wednesday, June 15th
  • Dow Starts To Bounce Back

    Dave Caruso reports on talk of the iPhone 8 even before the release of the iPhone 7.
  • Monday, June 13th
  • Before The Bell: June 13, 2016

    WBZ Financial Editor Dave Caruso of Coastal Capital expects a busy week ahead.
  • Friday, June 10th
  • Numbers Are Down

    Dave Caruso reports on the current unemployment rate and signs of a lower week for the market. 
  • Thursday, June 9th
  • Before The Bell

    Dave Caruso reports on weekly jobless claims and stock performances.
  • Wednesday, June 8th
  • A Tame Wednesday

    Dave Caruso previews jobs numbers and the quarterly report for the service sector.
  • Tuesday, June 7th
  • Before The Bell

    Dave Caruso reports Fed Chief Janey Yellin holding steady on interest rates.
  • Monday, June 6th
  • Slow Week Ahead After Friday's Bad Employment Numbers

    Dave Caruso reports Friday's numbers shouild hold interest rates in check.
  • Wednesday, June 1st
  • Slow Open To The Market

    Dave Caruso reports on weak numbers from clothing manufacturers.
  • Tuesday, May 31st
  • Futures In Positive Territory

    Dave Caruso reports Consumer income and spending are up. 
  • Friday, May 27th
  • Market Closes Out Best Week Since March

    Dave Caruso reports on the best home sales in 10 years.
  • Wednesday, May 25th
  • Market Holding Its Own

    Dave Caruso reports on tech and bank stocks bouncing back.
  • Tuesday, May 24th
  • Dow Rallys From Yesterday's Flat Run

    Financial Editor Dave Caruso reports on new home slaes numbers.
  • Monday, May 23rd
  • Flat Start to the Week

    Dave Caruso reports on a big agricultural deal in the works.
  • Friday, May 20th
  • Dow Opens Up

    Christine Armstorong is in for Dave this morning and reports on a mixed bag on Wall Street.
  • Wednesday, May 18th
  • Mixed Earnings Numbers

    Dave Caruso reports investors concerned over WSJ story on interest rates.
  • Tuesday, May 17th
  • Busy Day On Wall Street

    Financial Editor Dave Caruso reports on strong numbers in housing, building permits and the CPI.
  • Friday, May 13th
  • The Federal Reserve and Zombies

    Christine Armstrong, in for Dave explains what the two have in common
  • Thursday, May 12th
  • Retail Sales Falt

    Dave Caruso has the latest weekly jobless numbers.
  • Monday, May 9th
  • Market Slowing Down

    Dave Caruso previews the week ahead
  • Friday, May 6th
  • Disappointing Jobs Report

    Christine Armstrong, in for Dave, says the latest monthly jobs numbers is the weakest since September.
  • Thursday, May 5th
  • Stocks Lowest Since Mid-April

    Christine Armstorng, in for Dave, says look for a rally on Wall Street soon.
  • Wednesday, May 4th
  • All Eyes On Friday's Jobs Numbers

    Dave Caruso reports on some poor economic news. 
  • Tuesday, May 3rd
  • Dow Down Coming Off Biggest 1Day Advance In 2 Weeks

    Dave Caruso reports on record auto sales and a pretty good earnings report.
  • Monday, May 2nd
  • Financial Problems For Puerto Rico

    Dave Caruso reports Japanese markets taking a bit of a hit.
  • Friday, April 29th
  • Dow Down For The Week

    Dave Caruso reports Apple takes a hit as Amazon does well.
  • Monday, April 25th
  • Dow Back over 18,000

    Dave Caruso reports on a big week for earnings.
  • Friday, April 22nd
  • Dow Flat

    Dave Caruso reports on a slip in tech earnings.

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