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  • Friday, May 29th
  • Pedroia Coaching Up Another Hitter

    "So, Chili Davis, what exactly do you do here?" -- Zolak & Bertrand ask why it's Dustin Pedroia, not the Red Sox hitting coach, that is giving so much instruction.
  • Eduardo Rodriguez Impressive In Red Sox Debut

    Zolak & Bertrand talk about the rookie pitcher's outing from last night in Texas.
  • May 29 Hour 4

    Adrian Peterson went on a Twitter rant. Toucher & Rich talk to Sean McAdam of CSNNE about the Red Sox. What are the top 5 impressions that Fred Toucher does?
  • May 29 Hour 3

    Adolfo hooked up with Rodney from Survivor's entourage last night. Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald called in.
  • May 29 Hour 2

    Toucher & Rich talk to Albert Breer of the NFL Network about the Adrian Peterson situation in Minnesota. After that the guys played more audio from the Paul Finebaum show. Later in the hour the guys talked about the Patriots rookies and their first encounter with the media.
  • May 29 Hour 1

    Eduardo Rodriguez pitched great in his MLB debut for the Red Sox. Toucher & Rich get you caught up on everything else that happened night as well, including David Ortiz's supposed flu and much more.
  • Adolfo With Rodney From 'Survivor' Part 2

    Toucher & Rich sent Adolfo to watch the premiere of 'Entourage' with Rodney from 'Survivor.'
  • Adolfo With Rodney From 'Survivor' Part 1

    Toucher & Rich sent Adolfo to watch the premiere of 'Entourage' with Rodney from 'Survivor.' Rodney teaches Adolfo all about the bro life.
  • Patriots Rookies Petrified Of Going Off Script

    Toucher & Rich play some audio from Patriots OTAs, and it's clear the fresh crop of players don't want to rock the boat in their first appearance with the media.
  • Albert Breer of the NFL Network

    Toucher & Rich talked to Albert Breer on Friday morning, and the topics they covered were: Chip Kelly addressing a former player's comments, Patriots rookies petrified at OTAs, Adrian Peterson and more.
  • Keefer Madness

    In tonight’s madness a naked Tennessee man swimming in the Mississippi River refused rescue from the police, and evaded their attempts to capture him for over an hour.
  • Are the Bruins Stuck with Claude Julien Next Season?

    With San Jose hiring Pete DeBoer and Buffalo bringing in Dan Byslma, the list of reaming coaching candidates on the market are not looking good. Adam Jones and Rich Keefe discuss whether the Bruins best option at this point is to give Claude Julien another shot.
  • Mike Giardi of CSNNE

    CSNNE reporter Mike Giardi joined Adam Jones to talk about the Patriots OTA’s currently underway at Gillette Stadium, whether Tom Brady will break his silence this week, and of course, Deflate-Gate.
  • Hard Knocks will Feature Patriots Connections

    Adam Jones and Rich Keefe discussed the upcoming season of Hard Knocks which we now know will feature the Houston Texans. With all the Patriots connections on the team, including Bill O’Brien and Vince Wilfork, this could be the closest we ever get to a look at the Pats on Hard Knocks.
  • The Game of Jones: Role Play Thursday

    It’s a role play Thursday on the Game of Jones featuring Sox GM Ben Cherington, Cavs coach David Blatt, and more.
  • Sean Deveney of Sporting News

    Sporting News NBA writer Sean Deveney called in to the Adam Jones Show to preview the NBA Finals. The guys discuss the matchups in the series, what it would take for the Cavs to pull off the upset, and Kevin Love’s future in Cleveland.
  • Warriors Injuries a Cause for Concern in Finals?

    Adam Jones and Rich Keefe discussed the Western Conference Finals, and whether the injuries to Steph Curry and Klay Thompson could have an impact on the NBA Finals. Does this give the Cavaliers a shot at the team that was the best in the NBA all season? Plus the guys question the NBA concussion protocol.
  • Thursday, May 28th
  • Red Sox Bench Ortiz to Work on Swing

    John Farrell announced on Thursday that David Ortiz will miss a few games to work on his swing, while Ortiz said he was out of the lineup because he has the flu. Adam Jones and Rich Keefe discussed the apparent disconnect within the Red Sox clubhouse, and whether Ortiz can return to form, or if this is the beginning of the end for him.
  • The Baseball Reporters – May 28th

    Tonight on the Baseball Reporters with Tony Massarotti, Mazz discussed the future of manager John Farrell and the focus of the Boston Red Sox. What is going on with David Ortiz?
  • May 28th - Hour 4

    In the fourth and final Hour, Felger and Mazz continued to try to find ways to fix the Boston Red Sox. What happened to character and chemistry in the clubhouse? Finally, it’s the Final Word with Jim Murray.
  • May 28th - Hour 3

    During Hour 3 of Felger and Massarotti, the guys began to preview the NBA Finals matchup between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors. Mike and Tony also continued to take calls on the struggling Red Sox and David Ortiz getting a couple days off to work on his swing.
  • May 28th - Hour 2

    In Hour 2, Felger and Mazz continued to talk about the struggles of the Red Sox. Mike and Tony also discussed the Chicago Blackhawks win over the Anaheim Ducks last night to force a Game 7.
  • May 28th - Hour 1

    Felger and Massarotti opened up the day discussing the Boston Red Sox. Could manager John Farrell’s contract extension prevent him from being fired this season? Mike and Tony also talked about tonight’s MLB debut of left-handed pitcher Eddie Rodriguez.
  • Roger Goodell Or Sepp Blatter?

    Who would you rather have running your sports league? Zolak & Bertrand debate.
  • Red Sox Relevance In Boston Sports Landscape

    Zolak & Bertrand believe Boston's baseball club is on the verge of becoming irrelevant once again, and it's not even June.
  • The Media Is Upset With Stephen Curry

    Warriors guard Stephen Curry is really making the media angry...for bringing his adorable child to postgame press conferences. Zolak & Bertrand discuss.
  • Kevin Love/Celtics Rumors Starting Again

    Zolak & Bertrand discuss.
  • Do You Believe In Any Red Sox Pitchers?

    Rick Porcello pitched another bad outing for Boston yesterday, and now Zolak & Bertrand are starting to wonder: is there ANYONE on this staff that can be relied upon?
  • Time For Red Sox To Be Held Accountable

    Zolak & Bertrand started Thursday's show by slicing up some Red Sox blame pie.
  • May 28 Hour 4

    Brian Strauss of Sports Illustrated called Toucher & Rich to talk about the FIFA fiasco. The toilets at Rich's old school did not have privacy walls. The Texans will be on HBO's Hard Knocks.
  • May 28 Hour 3

    Toucher & Rich play some new audio from the Paul Finebaum show. A listener called in to describe his experience at the University of Alabama. FIFA is in hot water. Adolfo is going to the Entourage premiere in Boston tonight with Rodney from Survivor.
  • May 28 Hour 2

    Ben Volin of the Boston Globe called in. Jon Wallach is fired up and upset about the struggling Red Sox.
  • Volin Talks Patriots OTAs

    Toucher & Rich talked to Ben Volin of the Boston Globe about the Patriots starting up organized team activities, which positional battles he's watching for and more.
  • May 28 Hour 1

    Somehow there's still snow piles in Boston. Toucher & Rich get you caught up on everything that happened last night, and Fred shares an article he read on Bleacher Report about the oral history of the 2003-04 Lakers.
  • Keefer Madness

    In tonight’s Madness a California bird is at the center of a neighborhood dispute because of its foul mouth.
  • James Herbert of CBS Sports

    CBS Sports NBA writer James Herbert called in to the Adam Jones Show to discuss LeBron James and the Cavaliers performance in their 4 game sweep of the Hawks in the Eastern Conference Finals.
  • Are People Actually Rooting for LeBron?

    Adam Jones and Rich Keefe can’t stand LeBron James, and don’t understand how people can be rooting for him to win.
  • Did Matt Cassel Throw Brady Under the Bus?

    Adam Jones and Rich Keefe discussed comments from Matt Cassel about Deflate-Gate, and were joined by Scott in Wrentham.
  • The Game of Jones

    It’s a Would You Rather Wednesday in the Game of Jones.
  • Jason Mastrodonato of the Boston Herald

    Boston Herald Red Sox beat writer Jason Mastrodonato joined the Adam Jones show to discuss another rough week for the Red Sox, what changes could be coming for the team, and where the blame lies in their inconsistent season.
  • Wednesday, May 27th
  • It's Time for Action for the Red Sox

    Adam Jones opened Wednesday’s show discussing the Red Sox latest struggles, and whether it’s time for the Sox to switch up more than just the lineup. Plus the guys discuss David Ortiz’s diminishing production at the plate.
  • The Baseball Reporters – May 27th

    Tony Massarotti kicked off the Baseball Reporters talking about the struggling Boston Red Sox. Mazz discussed the Red Sox getting swept by the Minnesota Twins and the other issues with the team. Sean McAdam, of, joined Tony to talk about the state of the Red Sox.
  • May 27th - Hour 4

    In the fourth and final Hour, Felger and Mazz talked about what’s wrong with the Red Sox and what they need to do to shake things up. Can this season be saved? To wrap up the day, it’s the Final Word with Jim Murray.
  • May 27th - Hour 3

    During Hour 3 of Felger and Massarotti, the guys continued to discuss the struggles of the Boston Red Sox. How can the Red Sox aggressively shake things up?
  • May 27th - Hour 2

    In Hour 2, Felger and Mazz continued to talk about LeBron James and spot in NBA history. Mike and Tony also discussed comments made by Boston Red Sox manager John Farrell about doctoring the baseball. Finally, the guys talked about the Red Sox sweep by the Minnesota Twins.
  • May 27th - Hour 1

    Felger and Massarotti opened the day discussing LeBron James and his post-game comments after the Cleveland Cavaliers swept the Atlanta Hawks to advance to the NBA Finals.
  • Tom Brady Reportedly Won't Talk At 'Best Buddies' Event

    Zolak & Bertrand discuss.
  • Is Milan Lucic A Top Power Forward In NHL?

    Marc Bertrand feels like people have way overated Milan Lucic, and both he and Scott Zolak discuss a recent article by Fluto Shinzawa.
  • FIFA Corruption Crackdown

    Zolak & Bertrand can't help but feel like the FIFA officials getting arrested will serve as a cautionary tale to other leagues.
  • Baseball All Of A Sudden Cracking Down On Foreign Substances

    Zolak & Bertrand talk to Sean McAdam about how Major League Baseball recently suspended two pitchers for using foreign substances. Is this a reaction to DeflateGate? Sean McAdam says it could very well be.
  • LeBron Has Become Unlikeable

    Zolak & Bertrand are getting tired of LeBron James and some of his comments about playing through injuries.
  • McAdam On Red Sox Problems

    CSNNE's Sean McAdam joined Zolak & Bertrand in studio to help diagnose the problems plaguing the Red Sox, of which there are many.
  • May 27 Hour 4

    Andy Baskin of CBS Cleveland called in to talk about the Cavaliers in the Finals and LeBron James. Toucher & Rich play some new Mike Francesa audio and then try to guess the 5 most marketable NFL players.
  • May 27 Hour 3

    Toucher & Rich play a game of "Health Code Violation Roulette," then talk to Will Brinson of CBS Sports. Wallach sings the Curly Shuffle.
  • May 27 Hour 2

    LeBron James reminds us all again why he's so hateable. Toucher & Rich talk about sports betting.
  • May 27 Hour 1

    MTV used to mess with everyone. Toucher & Rich get you caught up on everything that happened last night, including the rampant corruption probe in FIFA. Fred is fascinated with the Duggar family.
  • Health Code Violation Roulette

    Toucher & Rich found out from the listeners who the most hated person on the show is, and that person had to eat a meal from Boston's filthiest restaurant.
  • Keefer Madness

    In tonight’s Madness a North Carolina man chose an interesting way to express his anger over not getting a seat on an over booked flight.
  • Tom Pelissero of USA Today

    USA Today NFL writer Tom Pelissero joined the Adam Jones Show to discuss the latest on Tom Brady’s appeal process.
  • LeBron Already Setting Himself Up with Excuses

    Adam Jones and Rich Keefe discuss LeBron James playing up his injuries during and after Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals over the weekend. The guys believe he’s doing this to set himself up with excuses when the Cavaliers lose in the NBA Finals.