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  • Saturday, August 1st
  • Celtics at 7

    Guest host Tim McKone talks with Brian Robb of about the team's new additions, summer league and much more
  • Levan Reid from WBZ-TV Calls In

    WBZ-TV Patriots beat reporter joined Joe Murray (in for Adam Jones) to discuss the latest news in the Tom Brady case, as well as the first two days of training camp over at Gillette Stadium.
  • The Game of Jones

    Joe Murray plays the Game of Jones on a Fill In The Blank Friday.
  • Lorenzo Reyes from USA Today Calls In

    USA Today NFL reporter Lorenzo Reyes joined Joe Murray (in for Adam Jones) to discuss the latest news in the Tom Brady case and other stories around the NFL, including the Sheldon Richardson arrest.
  • Friday, July 31st
  • The Baseball Reporters: July 31, 2015

    In today’s Baseball Reporters program, Tony Massarotti recapped the underwhelming trade deadline day for the Red Sox.
  • Felger and Mazz: July 31, 2015 - Hour 4

    Mazz and Jones wrapped up Agenda Free Friday taking calls from listeners who wanted to share their thoughts on DeflateGate. You can also hear The Final Word at the end of this hour.
  • Felger and Mazz: July 31, 2015 - Hour 3

    Chris Gasper joined Mazz and Jones in the 4:00 hour to share his thoughts on latest developments on the Brady case. The Red Sox also acquired reliever Ryan Cook at the trade deadline.
  • Felger and Mazz: July 31, 2015 - Hour 2

    In hour 2, Mazz and Jones continued to talk Brady vs the NFL. And so far, not much activity on the baseball front. Will the Red Sox make any moves before the trade deadline?
  • Felger and Mazz: July 31, 2015 - Hour 1

    Tony Massarotti and Adam Jones, who is in for Michael Felger, kicked off Agenda Free Friday discussing the latest with Brady case and the impending MLB trade deadline. Earlier today, it was reported that the NFL and NFLPA want to expedite the DeflateGate case and get it done before the start of season.
  • NFL And NFLPA Want Resolution Before Season Starts

    With the breaking news that there will not be an injuction in the Brady case, Zolak and Bertrand discuss what this means for Brady and the Patriots 2015 season.
  • Jeff Howe Talks With Zolak and Bertrand

    Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald talks with Zolak and Bertrand down at Gillette Stadium about the start of Patriots training camp.
  • Could Sox Be Active Right Before Deadline?

    With the MLB trade deadline ending today at four, the Red Sox have an opportunity to make some moves during a disappointing season. Zolak and Bertrand talk about what moves could be made and who the Red Sox could be targeting before the trade deadline.
  • July 31, Hour 4

    On this hour of Toucher & Rich, the guys welcome online movie critic Bob Chipman, Sean McAdam discusses the Red Sox, and they run through The Stack.
  • July 31, Hour 3

    On this hour of Toucher & Rich, Matt Light weighs in on DeflateGate, and the guys play a rogue rap from a listener.
  • July 31, Hour 2

    On this hour of Toucher & Rich, 98 Mile names its first finalist, NFL Network's Albert Breer discusses the latest news around the league, and the Jets fan who paid for the Cheaters banner to fly in Foxboro joins the program.
  • July 31, Hour 1

    On this hour of Toucher & Rich, the guys discuss the Cecil The Lion story, the Red Sox' victory, the Sheldon Richardson news and more.
  • Incident From 2009 May Help Brady's Case

    In 2009, a Jets equipment staff member was caught using illegal substances on the kicking balls on the Jets' sidelines. Zolak and Bertrand discuss if this incident may help Brady's case in federal court.
  • Judge Urges NFL And NFLPA To Reach Settlement

    With the Deflategate issue seemingly headed to court, the judge hearing the case urged both sides to settle out of court. Zolak and Bertrand are down in Foxboro, and they start the show discussing the recent findings in Brady's suspension appeal.
  • Matt Light Confronts Jets Fan

    The Jets fan who flew the "Cheaters Look Up!" banner at Gillette Stadium had to face Matt Light on Friday's Toucher & Rich show.
  • Jonestradamus

    Adam Jones gives his weekend predictions a night early in another edition of Jonestradamus.
  • Brady Shouldn’t Be Getting Benefit of the Doubt with Broken Phone

    Adam Jones discussed Tom Brady’s broken phone, and wonders whether Patriots fans would give Peyton Manning the same benefit of the doubt if he was in the same position.
  • Is John Farrell Finally Seeing the Writing on the Wall?

    John Farrell has started being more critical of some of his players in recent weeks to the media and Adam Jones wonders if Farrell finally sees the writing on the wall that his days as Sox manager are numbered. Jones and Matt McCarthy also discuss was the Red Sox have to trade at tomorrow’s trade deadline.
  • Scott Miller from the Bleacher Report Calls In

    Bleacher Report national MLB columnist Scott Miller called in to the Adam Jones Show to discuss the MLB Trade Deadline with it less than 12 hours away.
  • The Game of Jones

    Adam Jones plays the Game of Jones on a Role Play Thursday.
  • Mark Daniels from the Providence Journal Calls In

    Providence Journal Patriots beat writer Mark Daniels joined the Adam Jones Show to discuss the latest developments in Tom Brady’s Federal Court case against the NFL. The guys also talked some football following the Patriots first public workout at Gillette Stadium.
  • Thursday, July 30th
  • Brady Camp Just as Guilty of Leaks as the NFL is

    Adam Jones opened Thursday’s show discussing the latest news from the Tom Brady suspension case.
  • The Baseball Reporters – July 30th

    Tonight on the Baseball Reporters, Tony Massarotti discussed the Boston Red Sox and comments made by Larry Lucchino. Mazz also broke down some of the trades that have gone down in the past few days.
  • July 30th - Hour 4

    In the fourth and final Hour, Felger and Mazz continued to talk about and take calls on Brady’s suspension.
  • July 30th - Hour 3

    Michael Hurley, of, joined Felger and Massarotti during Hour 3 to discuss the latest in Tom Brady’s suspension and how it got to this point.
  • July 30th - Hour 2

    In Hour 2, Felger and Mazz continue to take calls on Brady’s suspension before they got into the some Boston Red Sox talk. Mike and Tony discussed the struggling Red Sox and some trades that have been made before tomorrow’s deadline.
  • July 30th - Hour 1

    Felger and Massarotti kicked off the day discussing Tom Brady’s suspension and Robert Kraft’s relationship with Roger Goodell. Is there any chance Kraft would sue the NFL?
  • Did Kraft Accept the Penalty to Protect Belichick?

    Zolak and Bertrand discuss whether or not Robert Kraft accepted the DeflateGate penalties set forth by the league because he was trying to protect Bill Belichick from a possible ban
  • Chandler Jones and Rob Ninkovich Join Zo and Bertrand

    Live from training camp, Zo and Beetle were joined by Patriots defnsive ends Chandler Jones and Rob Ninkovich as day one of practice concluded
  • July 30, Hour 4

    In the final hour of Toucher & Rich, Bill Belichick finally takes the podium for his Thursday press conference. They replay the JStew-Keefe 98 Mile III battle and dicuss Brady's day in court.
  • July 30, Hour 3

    In this hour of Toucher & Rich, James Stewart and Rich Keefe go head-to-head in the first semifinal matchup of 98 Mile III. CBS Sports' Will Brinson joins the show to talk eveything Tom Brady, and T&R kill some time waiting for Bill Belichick's press conference.
  • July 30, Hour 2

    In this hour, Toucher & Rich reveal the results for the Wallach vs. Bertrand 98 Mile III rap battle. Fred talks about his appearance on SportsCenter, and they have some fun with Bill Belichick's press conference on Tuesday.
  • July 30, Hour 1

    Toucher & Rich open Thursday's show talking about the struggles of the Red Sox rotation. They also touch on a radio fued and the latest Tom Brady developments.
  • Bob Socci Joins Zolak and Bertrand from Training Camp

    Patriots play-by-play man Bob Socci joined Zo and Beetle live from Gillette Stadium as the Pats open up training camp
  • Jerry Jones Speaks Out on Robert Kraft

    Cowboys owner Jerry Jones had some comments in light of Robert Kraft's remarks from Wednesday and Beetle and Zo reacted to what Jones had to say.
  • Patriots Report to Training Camp

    Amidst the controversey surrounding Tom Brady and his suspension being upheld by the league, the team reported to training camp, and Zolak and Bertrand were live from Gillette Stadium
  • Mick Foley With James Stewart

    98.5 The Sports Hub's James Stewart interviews wrestling legend Mick Foley.
  • Chris Hatfield from Sox Calls In

    Sox editor Chris Hatfield joined Joe Murray (in for Adam Jones) to discuss the Red Sox farm system as the MLB trade deadline approaches.
  • The Game of Jones: Would You Rather

    Joe Murray (in for Adam Jones) plays the Game of Jones on a Would You Rather Wednesday. Would you rather sit through 4 quarters of the Patriots 4th pre-season game, or 3 innings of a Rick Porcello start? Would you rather be a lawyer for the NFL or the NFLPA in the Brady case? Joe answers those and more.
  • Doug Kyed from Calls In

    NESN Patritos beat reporter Doug Kyed joined Joe Murray (in for Adam Jones) to discuss the latest Tom Brady news including Robert Kraft’s unexpected statement Wednesday morning, and the NFLPA’s official court filing to throw out Brady’s suspension.
  • Wednesday, July 29th
  • The Baseball Reporters – July 29th

    Tony Massarotti kicked off the Baseball Reporters discussing Mookie Betts’ trip to the seven-day concussion disabled list. Mazz also broke down the Toronto Blue Jays trade of short-stop Jose Reyes for Colorado Rockies short-stop Troy Tulowitzki. Tony also began to preview trade options for the Boston Red Sox as Friday’s deadline approaches.
  • July 29th - Hour 4

    In the fourth and final Hour, Felger and Mazz continued to break down Robert Kraft’s message to the media today. Mike and Tony also discussed the next steps that Tom Brady will take.
  • July 29th - Hour 3

    During Hour 3 of Felger and Massarotti, the guys discussed Tom Brady’s appeal and why a settlement was never reached.
  • July 29th - Hour 2

    In Hour 2, Felger and Mazz continued to talk about Brady’s suspension and recapped Robert Kraft’s statement today.
  • July 29th - Hour 1

    Felger and Massarotti opened up the show discussing Tom Brady’s suspension. Mike and Tony also talked about the Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick press conferences from earlier today.
  • As Predicted, Belichick Gave Media Nothing

    During the press conference right before the start of training camp, Belichick was in regular season form, giving the media the bare minimum. Bertrand and Jones discuss the questions asked to Belichick and what they got from the conference as a whole.
  • July 29, Hour 4

    In the final hour of Toucher & Rich, they take some calls on Tom Brady and re-listen to Wallach vs. Bertrand.
  • July 29, Hour 3

    In this hour of Toucher & Rich, John Wallach and Marc Bertrand go head-to-head in 98 Mile III,'s Mike Hurley joins the show to discuss everything DeflateGate, and T&R play internet police with an Indy reporter.
  • July 29, Hour 2

    In this hour of Toucher & Rich, they reveal the winner of the Fred Toucher vs. Marshall Hook 98 Mile III battle and take a look at Tom Brady's statement regarding his DeflateGate suspension.
  • July 29, Hour 1

    In this hour of Toucher & Rich, they have a pretty heated debate about Tom Brady and his DeflateGate suspension.
  • Did Kraft Help Brady's Image with Patriots Fans?

    With Robert Kraft speaking today during the training camp press conference, he came out and bashed the NFL while stating his support for Brady. Bertrand and Jones reflect on whether or not Kraft's comments actually helped Brady's image after the ball deflation scandal.
  • Tom Brady Makes Statement Through Facebook

    A day after the appeal ruling from the NFL upheld Tom Brady's four game suspension, Brady released a statement on Facebook. Bertrand and Jones react on what the quarterback had to say after his suspension was upheld.
  • Kraft And Belichick Speak

    With the Brady suspension being upheld, Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick both spoke to the media for the start of training camp. Bertrand and Jones, filling in for Zolak, react to the statements made by both Kraft and Belichick.
  • Toucher & Rich Hot Take Police

    The Indy Star's Gregg Doyel wrote the most scorching Tom Brady take of them all. It sent out a call to the Hot Take Police.
  • Michael Hurley Interview's Michael Hurley joined T&R in studio to discuss Roger Goodell, Tom Brady and all things DeflateGate.
  • Ben Volin Interview

    The Boston Globe's Ben Volin joined the show to discuss Roger Goodell's ruling, and he was on the air when Tom Brady released his statement.