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  • Monday, August 31st
  • Giants Owner John Mara Is In Courtroom Today

    With the final scheduled courtroom meeting today, Judge Berman has actually requested that Giants owner John Mara be present at the court today. Zolak and Bertrand debate what the meaning of having one of the most influential owners in the NFL present at the court meeting.
  • Is This The Day DeflateGate Ends?

    With Tom Brady and the NFL back in court today for the final scheduled hearing, everyone is hoping that this situation finally comes to an end. Listen in as Zolak and Bertrand talk about what may happen if the two sides reach a settlement today.
  • Hurley: Will DeflateGate End Today?

    Michael Hurley joined the program to preview what to expect from the meeting of Tom Brady and Roger Goodell in federal court on Monday.
  • Friday, August 28th
  • Stephen Gostkowski 53yd go-ahead FG

    Gostkowski drills a 53yd FG to take the lead for the Pats
  • Garoppolo 9yd TD pass to Dion Lewis

    Jimmy Garoppolo hits Dion Lewis for a 9yd TD pass
  • Tom Brady 18yd TD Pass to Scott Chandler

    Tom Brady finds Scott Chandler for an 18yd TD
  • Friday, August 28th
  • Jonathan Kraft Pregame Interview

    Jonathan Kraft joins the show to discuss the state of the team.
  • Bill Belichick Pregame Interview

    Scott Zolak interviews Bill Belichick about tonight's preseason matchup with the Panthers.
  • Bob Socci and Scott Zolak Interview

    Bob and Zo' join the show from the booth in Carolina to preview the game.
  • Scott Gramling Interview

    Fantasy Football Expert Scott Gramling calls in to the show for his weekly Fantasy update.
  • Armando Salguero Interview

    Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald joins the show to preview the Miami Dolphins.
  • Bert Breer Interview

    Bert Breer joins the show to dicuss the Patriots preseason matchup with the Panthers and Brady's court case.
  • Paul Perillo Interview

    Paul Perillo of Patriots Football Weekly joins the show to talk about how the Pats might line up against Carolina tonight.
  • Felger & Massarotti: August 28, 2015 - Hour 2

    During hour 2 of Felger and Mazz, they continued to talk about the latest on Chris Mortensen, as well as the Patriots exhibition game against the Carolina Panthers. The third preseason game means that first teamers get most of the reps, so which quarterback should play more – Tom Brady or Jimmy Garoppolo?
  • Felger & Massarotti: August 28, 2015 - Hour 1

    In Agenda Free Friday, Chris Mortensen discussions dominated hour 1 on Felger and Mazz. Chris Mortensen, of ESPN, continues to dig himself into a deeper hole in the Deflategate saga after some comments he made yesterday.
  • First Ever Flynn's Bin

    With Rich Keefe and Mike Flynn filling in for Zolak and Bertrand today, Flynn starts the first ever segment of Flynn's Bin. Listen in as he opens up discussion about everything from the Don Orsillo firing to Flynn's thoughts on a zombie apocalypse.
  • Keefer Madness

    With Rich Keefe and Mike Flynn filling in for Zolak and Bertrand today, that means there is a midday segment of Keefer Madness. Keefe discusses one man that decided to try and take a selfie with a rattlesnake, and now may lose his hand after the selfie didn't go so well.
  • Read and React

    The NFL preseason is headin into its third week of games, which is the perfect time to react on current topics throughout the league. Keefe, Flynn and Hardy talk about stories such as one coach seeing Straight Outta Compton, another coach getting defensive about his weight, and a quarterback's recent health situation.
  • Virginia Tech Football's Fine System

    With college football right around the corner, college coaches are trying to keep their players focused for the season. Keefe and Flynn discuss the unusual method of punishment that was brought up by one of the Virginia Tech coaches during training camp.
  • Toucher & Rich's AFC West Preview

    NFL Network's Albert Breer breaks down what we can expect out of the AFC South on Toucher & Rich.
  • Toucher & Rich's AFC South Preview

    NFL Network's Albert Breer breaks down what we can expect out of the AFC South on Toucher & Rich.
  • Toucher & Rich's AFC North Preview

    NFL Network's Albert Breer breaks down what we can expect out of the AFC North on Toucher & Rich.
  • Toucher & Rich's AFC East Preview

    NFL Network's Albert Breer breaks down what we can expect out of the AFC East on Toucher & Rich.
  • Zolak Calls In On Mort Story

    With Zolak down in Carolina before the Patriots preseason game against the Panthers, he had to use Twitter in order to share his thoughts on Mortenson's claim that the Kraft's apologized to him. Zo calls in to talk with Keefe and Flynn so he can rip into Mortenson once again, but this time on his show.
  • August 28th, Hour 4

    In this hour of Toucher & Rich, the guys preview the AFC West and AFC North with special guest Albert Breer of the NFL Network.
  • August 28th, Hour 3

    In this hour of Toucher & Rich, Michael Hurley calls in to talk DeflateGate and the guys preview the AFC East with special guest Albert Breer of the NFL Network.
  • August 28th, Hour 2

    In this hour of Toucher & Rich, the guys preview the AFC South with special guest Albert Breer of the NFL Network, and Sean McAdam calls in to talk Red Sox.
  • August 28th, Hour 1

    In this hour of Toucher & Rich, the guys talk about Chris Mortensen's report that the Krafts called him to apologize about how DeflateGate "went down."
  • Reaction To Mort On Kraft Apology

    As if DeflateGate couldn't get any more absurd, Chris Mortenson came out and said that the Kraft family contacted him to apologize for the way this situation has gone down. The Kraft's quickly came out and stated that never happened. Listen in as Rich Keefe and Mike Flynn discuss the reaction of yet another false Mortenson report.
  • Mike Hurley On Chris Mortensen's Latest DeflateGate Claims's Mike Hurley joined Toucher & Rich on Friday to discuss Chris Mortensen's latest report on DeflateGate. Mort stands by his original report, and says the Krafts called and apologized to him.
  • Keefer Madness

    Rich Keefe takes a closer look at the case of the "Portland Pooper" in Friday's edition of Keefer Madness.
  • Jim Szoke

    Carolina Panthers' radio analyst Jim Szoke joins the show to discuss the upcoming matchup between the Panthers-Patriots on Friday night.
  • Games of Jones

    It's role play Thursday on Game of Jones, as Adam tries to look into the minds of Tom Werner, Dave Dombrowski, Nick Caserio and Jon Stewart.
  • Jared Carrabis

    Jared Carrabis of joins Adam to discuss the recent play of Jackie Bradley Jr, what the team should do with Hanley Ramirez, and what's on the team's to-do list this offseason.
  • Is Jackie Bradley Jr. For Real?

    Jackie Bradley Jr. has been scorching hot during the month of August, but is hitting improvement sustainable? Adam looks to the performance of past players to see if there is any hope for Bradley Jr. remaining consistent in the long-term.
  • Chris Mortensen Apologizes?

    Chris Mortensen discussed his deflategate report in a recent interview on a Arizona radio station. Adam listens to the comments and analyzes Mortensen's role in the fiasco.
  • Previewing Patriots-Panthers

    Adam opens the show by taking a look at the Patriots' upcoming matchup with the Panthers. Should the Pats play their starters? What should fans be looking for in one of the final tuneups before the opener?
  • Thursday, August 27th
  • The Baseball Reporters: August 27, 2015

    In tonight’s Baseball Reporters, Tony Mazz talks about what to expect from Dave Dombrowski and the changes he could bring to the Red Sox, specifically when it comes to the pitching rotation.
  • Felger & Massarotti: August 27, 2015 - Hour 4

    In the 4th and final hour, Mazz and Murray wrapped up the program primarily focusing on the Patriots. You can also catch The Final Word at the end of this hour.
  • Felger & Massarotti: August 27, 2015 - Hour 3

    In hour 3, Mazz and Murray continued to talk Patriots with a side of Red Sox. Mazz voiced some frustrations that he has with Rick Porcello. Does the Dave Dombrowski Era signal a change in philosophy?
  • Felger & Massarotti: August 27, 2015 - Hour 2

    During hour 2, Michael Hurley, of, joined Mazz and Murray to discuss the latest developments between Tom Brady and the NFL. They also take a look at what the Patriots have to work with in their secondary and what Devin McCourty’s role could be this season.
  • Felger & Massarotti: August 27, 2015 - Hour 1

    In hour 1, Mazz and Jim Murray, who filled in for Felger, kicked off the show talking football and previewing the third preseason game for the Patriots. We know what Tom Brady can do, so should Jimmy Garoppolo get the majority of first team reps as QB tomorrow night? Mazz thinks that if Brady plays more than Garoppolo, then it’s a mistake.
  • IK Ekempali Got Catfished

    This has not been a great month for Bills' linebacker IK Ekempali. After breaking former teammate Geno Smith's jaw in the locker room, Ekempali is back in the headlines after hitting someone who had catfished him back in 2011. Zolak and Bertrand react to this ridiculous story.
  • How Long Does Belichick Have Left?

    With one of the best coaching careers in NFL history, Bill Belichick has cemented himself as a Hall of Fame caliber coach. So, Zolak and Bertrand debate how they see coach Belichick's career ending and when that may happen.
  • Are All Prospects In Play For Red Sox?

    With the Red Sox basically out of contention for the playoffs, they have been playing their prospects who have been playing pretty well as of late. Zolak and Bertrand talk about whether or not the Red Sox should keep these young players or trade them when their value is high.
  • Devin McCourty Has A Change Of Heart

    Felger & Mazz talk about Devin McCourty's change of heart about playing corner, but don't think it's a good move for the Patriots defense.
  • August 27th, Hour 4

    On this hour of Toucher & Rich, Darren McKee joins the program from Denver, Adolfo details his move to Cambridge, and the guys run through The Stack.
  • Will Dombrowski Keep Farrell Next Year?

    With new President of Baseball Operations Dave Dombrowski taking control of the team, his job is to evaluate the entire team and start reshaping the culture of the Red Sox. Zolak and Bertrand talk about Farrell's job security and how that could be affected by his recent health scare.
  • Will Reggie Wayne Have A Big Impact On The Patriots?

    With the recent signing of veteran wide receiver Reggie Wayne, the Patriots seemed to have bolstered their receiving crew. Listen in as Zolak and Bertrand talk on how they see Reggie Wayne contributing to the team this year.
  • August 27th, Hour 3

    On this hour of Toucher & Rich, the guys play 'Guess Who's Running For President.' Dave Richard dispenses fantasy football advice, and Adolfo discusses his big move.
  • August 27th, Hour 2

    On this hour of Toucher & Rich, it's time for a trip to the Armpits of America. The Boston Globe's Jim McBride also discusses the Patriots.
  • August 27th, Hour 1

    On this hour of Toucher & Rich, the guys discuss the Foo Fighters' Sonic Highways, recap last night's Red Sox win, and discuss the disturbing accusations against Derrick Rose.
  • How Much Should Brady Play On Friday

    With the third preseason game against the Panthers being played on Friday night, the Patriots are preparing themselves for their most important game so far. Zolak and Bertrand discuss how much Tom Brady should see in what is likely the starters' last game before the regular season.
  • Pre-Draft Fantasy Football Advice From Dave Richard

    CBS Fantasy Football expert Dave Richard joined Toucher & Rich on Thursday to give owners a few sleeper picks, and a word of caution when it comes to drafting a quarterback.
  • Armpits Of America: Man Finds Severed Leg In Grill, Becomes A Star

    In the latest edition of "Armpits of America," Toucher & Rich head down to North Carolina where a man has become a media sensation after finding a severed leg in a grill he bought at auction. But that is just scratching the surface of this wild story.
  • Should Brady or Garoppolo Get More Snaps Friday Night?

    Adam Jones and Rich Keefe discussed how the Patriots should spilt the snaps for Tom Brady and Jimmy Garoppolo in Friday night’s pre-season game against the Carolina Panthers.
  • Keefer Madness: August 26th, 2015

    It’s a Keefer Review in the return of the Madness as Rich Keefe reviews Madden NFL 16.
  • Doug Kyed from NESN Calls In Patriots beat reporter Doug Kyed joined the Adam Jones Show to help preview Friday night’s pre-season game against the Carolina Panthers. The guys touched on how long Tom Brady should play, the Devin McCourty corner experiment from the last game, and potential roster cuts.
  • The Game of Jones: August 26th, 2015

    Adam Jones and Rich Keefe play the Game of Jones on a Would You Rather Wednesday.
  • Richard Deitsch from Sports Illustrated Calls In

    Sports Illustrated media columnist Richard Deitsch called in to the Adam Jones Show to discuss NESN’s decision to let Don Orsillo go at the end of the 2015 Red Sox season.